Jason Hugentobler and Mark Paterno, Ronald G. Peyton Award Winner.

Allen Hardin and Tab Blackburn with the Turner A. Blackburn Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame Award.

Michael Tamburello, winner of the Excellence in Education Award, and Mike Rosenthal.

Barb with Gary
Lifetime Excellence in Education Award winner Barb Hoogenboom, with Gary Calabrese.

David Nolan, winner of the Lynn Wallace Excellence in Clinical Education Award, with Mike Rosenthal.

Burke with Ed
Burke Wilson, winner of the Outstanding Service Award, and Ed Mulligan.

George with ChuckT
George Davies presents the Outstanding Service Award to Chuck Thigpen.

Rich and Stacey
Rich Westrick, Outstanding SIG Chair award winner, and Stacey Pagorek.

Chuck Thigpen presents the Legacy Grant Award to Christy Zwolski.

Mark Paterno and Christy Zwolski, the New Horizon Award winner.

Chuck Thigpen presents the Excellence in Research Award to Christa Wille.

IJSPT Award1
Michael Bagwell accepts the IJSPT Achievement of Distinction Best Case Study Manuscript Award from Mike Voight, Editor of IJSPT, and Barb Hoogenboom, IJSPT's Senior Associate Editor.

IJSPT Award2
Rob Manske presents the IJSPT Achievement of Distinction Case Award to Jacob Capin.

Enjoy reliving the 2019 Awards Ceremony!

The Awards Ceremony at Combined Sections Meeting is always a big night for Sports Section members. This is the night where members are honored for their achievements in research, publishing, academics, contributions to the Section, and clinical excellence.

Follow this link for the entire list of 2019 award winners.

Don't forget...nominations are now open for the 2020 awards! Follow this link to learn how to nominate a deserving colleague for recognition.
AASPT President Walt Jenkins at the podium.
George Davies presents the JOSPT George Davies – James A. Gould Excellence in Clinical Inquiry Award to Joseph Kardouni.
Amit Gohil is presented the Outstanding Student Award by Dave Logerstedt.

Enjoy the photos from the 2017 event!

  • Walt and students
  • Zak and group
  • Vien and Ann Marie
  • Walt with three men
  • Walt with Christy
  • Threesome
  • Three lovely ladies
  • Terry and group
  • Straker group
  • Tab et al
  • Steve with Bryan
  • Steve with guys 2
  • Skip_Bart_Lindsay
  • Nolan group
  • Paterno with group
  • Richetal
  • Scott Euype
  • Pitt
  • LPF
  • PaternoGroup2
  • Mitch and students
  • MP_nominator
  • Mike_Allen_Tab
  • Mark P and wife
  • LauraandCo
  • Katieetal
  • Laura_Marissa_etal
  • JoeBlack
  • Jill with three others
  • Four people
  • Jill with large group
  • Four students
  • Erin et al
  • Dewitt
  • Fernando and Pedro
  • Fellow
  • David plus 3
  • BH_MV
  • Corey Kunzer
  • Cookie_etal
  • BrianRobMarcSherry
  • Blaise
  • AwardsGroup1
  • BH and student
  • AwardsGroup3
  • Barb_Scot_Jessica
  • AwardsGroup2
  • Airelle
  • Awards group4
  • AH1
IJSPT Award2
IJSPT Award2