Bad Eyesight Reasons: Here Are The Ways To Take Care Of Your Eyes!


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There are a lot of reasons causing you bad eyesight in the course of your life. While some reasons can be avoided and prevented effectively with some disciplined care, others cannot be prevented.

Some can be sorted out by giving effective cures or corrective treatments. However, it is important to know about the causes in detail to prevent them effectively and also to take the treatment at the right time without causing any possible delays.

Apart from that, you may also know these reasons so that you can suspect bad eyesight in children and elderly people and get them treatment as soon as possible.

This article is all about bad eyesight reasons in individuals and everything you need to know about them in detail.

What Are The Reasons Due To Bad Eyesight?

Reasons Due To Bad Eyesight

Discover the common causes of poor vision and learn about lifestyle, age, genetics, and other factors. Learn the factors affecting the health of your vision and get advice on how to keep your eye care at its best.

➡️ Screen Exposure 

Screen exposure is one of the main villains when it comes to poor eyesight or reduced quality of eyesight in individuals. If you are someone who has more than 4 hours of daily screen exposure, then you are highly likely to have bad eyesight sooner or later.

Hence you must take necessary precautions to combat the harm that screen radiation can cause to your eyesight. You must wear glasses with blue-ray protection installed. Prolonged screen exposure can lead to dryness in the eyes and also increased eye strain.

Apart from wearing the glasses, make sure you are minimizing the screen exposure to the maximum and also looking away from the screen every 20 minutes to reduce strain. Lubricating your eyes with eye drops or blinking your eyes for ten minutes, multiple times a day can also help.

➡️ Hydration 

Drinking plenty of water can also help you significantly in hydrating your eyes and preventing dryness. If you find your eyes to be quite dry, puffy, and red, there are high chance for your body to have less water content than required.

Hence you must maintain the health of your eyes in particular and overall wellness in general by drinking plenty of water. If you notice your urine to be light yellow, you can be assured that you are properly hydrated.

Noticing clear urine is not a sign of a healthy body since it is an indication of being overhydrated. 

➡️ Malnutrition 

Malnutrition can also be the reason for individuals to develop poor eyesight. Hence if you have been eating junk, processed food items, and sugary stuff in excess for a prolonged period, then you are highly likely to have bad eyesight shortly.

It is important to consume a balanced diet with the right nutrients to get the various physiological functions in your body going.

Apart from that, make sure that you include many food items that are proven to improve the quality of your vision and the health of your eyes.

Dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, eggs, and dry fruits are some of the food items that you may consider adding to your daily diet to serve the purpose. 

➡️ Sleep and rest 

While sleep is quite mandatory for a range of different physiological functions and the overall health of individuals, it is also necessary to maintain the health of your eyes.

If you do not have sleep of around 7-9 hours daily, you are highly likely to develop dryness in your eyes and also eye strain. These are some of the proven reasons for you to have poor eyesight over time.

Hence it is quite inevitable that you sleep uninterrupted for at least 7 hours to prevent the loss of sight quality. 

➡️ Rubbing eyes 

Rubbing eyes can also be regarded as one of the causes that worsen your eye condition and also something that leads to a reduced quality in your vision.

When you rub your eyes too often, then it is highly likely that you may cause scratches and micro-injuries in your eyes, leading to a loss of vision quality.

Apart from that, people who already have issues such as myopia and glaucoma stand a greater chance of a worsened condition, if they have the habit of rubbing their eyes intensely and frequently.

The thickness of your corona can get lessened and it may turn into the shape of a cone, while it is supposed to be a perfect round. This condition is called Keratoconus, which may potentially reduce your eyesight. 

➡️ Not doing regular eye checkups

When it comes to the health of your eyes, regular eye exams are something that you cannot miss out on. When you visit your ophthalmologist at regular intervals, it will be easier for you to identify any kind of eye health issues and diminishing of eyesight at its beginning stage. 

➡️ Genetics

While most of the above-mentioned causes can be prevented with caution and responsibility, you cannot avoid this factor of genetics causing your eye problems.

If both of your parents or even one of them have issues such as myopia, hyperopia, or glaucoma, you may have an elevated risk of having such conditions at any point in your life.

However, if you are a parent having such eyesight issues, make sure that you are helping your child out by having an early diagnosis and treatment so that your child will not find it difficult to engage in studies and other classroom and cocurricular activities on account of poor eyesight.


Now you know the major reasons for an individual to develop poor eyesight. Understanding these causes can also help your ophthalmologist find the root cause of your gradual loss of vision and thereby easily prescribe medications.

Apart from that, make sure that you are taking necessary precautions and safety measures to prevent the causes mentioned above and thereby a loss of vision. It is also important to quit bad habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption which can also be a reason for the reduced eyesight quality. 

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