Could Constipation Cause A Fever In Adults Or Children? Find Truth!


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Have you ever suffered from constipation and fever at the same time? Then, you might be confused about whether your fever is caused by constipation or vice versa. So you might be wondering could constipation cause fever in adults or children?

For your information, we would like to mention that constipation can’t make you fall ill. It can cause infection that affects your immune system, which can cause fever. If you want to know more, then explore this article in detail to understand the relationship between constipation and fever.

Constipation And Fever: What To Know About Its Relationship?

Constipation And Fever

You will know that constipation is a stomach health issue where a person experiences less bowel movement and hard stool. Additionally, a person may feel belly fullness, which can even cause diarrhea in chronic cases. Alternatively, fever can also cause constipation due to increasing temperature in the body.

So the answer to your question, “Can symptoms of constipation cause fever?” is that it doesn’t cause illness; besides, fever can make the conspiration problem chronic. When you fall ill, the immune system increases the body temperature to fight against germs. However, adults experience mild health issues, which can be cured through the intake of medicine.

But the question here arises; how could constipation cause fever in toddlers and Children? To know more, let’s jump into the next section to find out the answer in detail.

How Could Constipation Cause Fever In Toddlers and Children?

Well, fever is not the only reason behind constipation. There can be various reasons like age, sex, pregnancy, diet changes, dehydration, and lack of exercise, which can cause such stomach illness. Hence, all these conditions are valid for adults, but the question is, can Constipation Cause A Fever In Children?

Yes, constipation can cause fever in children, including infants and babies. This is because when a person falls ill, the body temperature tends to increase, which may affect the bowel movement. A fever in a child may occur only if your child is not fully vaccinated.

Additionally, constipation may also make your children skip their meals, which has a high chance of making them fall ill. So, it is essential to identify what could constipation cause fever in your child and provide better treatment. Additionally, these symptoms can also help you take precautionary steps to help your child get rid of such a condition.

What Are The Symptoms Of Fever Due To Constipation In Infants And Babies?

Children below age 3 are more prone to fall ill due to conspiration. Therefore, it is essential to get your child vaccinated, which is recommended for infants and babies. By chance, if your child has got a fever because of constipation, then here are the symptoms you can identify in their behavior.

  • The child will have less than three bowel movements in a week.
  • He/she may also have a hard and dry stool, which is hard to pass.
  • If they face pain while having bowel movements, then it could constipation and cause fever.
  • They will don’t feel like eating or having their regular meal.
  • Sometimes, you will also observe blood on the surface of the stool.

If your baby is having a fever and all these symptoms match, then it could be constipation behind the illness. In such a condition, you need to consult a pediatrician to get better treatment. Here are some of the treatment methods that a child specialist will carry out for the fever caused by constipation.

What Are The Methods Of Treating Constipation And Fever?

The fever caused by constipation can be treated at home and help your child become normal. At the same time, you need to consult a child specialist if you leave it untreated for a long, then it may cause serious health issues. Some of the factors that could constipation cause fever, and need professionals are explained below.

  • When your child has constipation for more than two weeks, then you need to go to a professional pediatrician.
  • Observe the fever that lasts for 3 to 4 days during the period of constipation.
  • Some toddlers and children will refuse to eat for a few days, which signifies that you need to consult a doctor.
  • At times, having constipation and fever at the same time, your baby will refuse to eat, and you have to seek medical help.
  • In some cases, your children may also have black blood surface stool, and a doctor can help you out.
  • When your child starts experiencing abdominal pain and swelling.

So, these are the causes of constipation and fever, where you need a pediatrician who may prescribe over-the-counter (OTC) medicines to soften the stool. Also, he/she recommends the OTC fiber supplement to normalize the bowel movement. Furthermore, a doctor may also practice enemas if the situation becomes worse.

Which Methods Can Help You In Preventing Constipation And Fever?

Well, in worse cases, doctors can help you out with effective medications. But it can be treated at home if you and even your child are facing mild constipation problems that could cause fever. You can follow the below precautionary steps to prevent what could constipation cause fever in both adults and children.

  • Get the recommended viral vaccine that will help you and your children against viral diseases.
  • Consider washing your hands more frequently, especially after using the bathroom.
  • Cook the food properly so that it doesn’t cause any stomach-related issues.
  • Refrigerate the leftovers as soon as possible to prevent the microbe’s sedimentation on the food.
  • Stay hydrated throughout your day and indulge more in physical activities.

Why Not To Take Action To Prevent Constipation And Fever Simultaneously?

You have to understand that it is common to fall ill and have constipation at the same time. The real question is how could constipation cause fever and what the ways to treat it are. Well, it can be cured by changing your lifestyle and diet and indulging in regular exercise.

Sum Up

If the situation becomes chronic among toddlers and children, you need to consult a pediatrician to opt for better treatment methods. Meanwhile, you need to take precautionary steps to avoid fever caused by constipation.


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