Does Creatine Make You Bloated? How To Avoid It?


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You might have already heard about creatine by now, as it has gained popularity all over the world. People around the globe are using creatine for better muscle growth and good brain function. And, as I am a regular user of creatine, it has benefited me in many ways, whether it’s better muscle tone or improved brain function. However, the one major disadvantage that I’ve faced is that taking creatine can lead to bloating, which also depends on the usage cycle.

I’ve noticed that during the loading phase, there were some days when I felt a little bloated. So, now, it’s time to look into all the details that might have caused me bloating during my usage cycles of creatine.

What Do You Understand By Creatine?

Creatine Leads To Bloating

When I studied creatine, I found that Creatine is closely effective and beneficial for athletics performers as it provides strength and muscle growth to perform well. However, after my observations, I saw that many people are suffering from bloating, which is the reason for its low demand.

But despite this situation, it is easily available in the market, seeking the best for athletes, bodybuilders, and lifters as useful supplements for power-building properties. 

How Creatine Leads To Bloating?

After analyzing the impact and usefulness of creatine, I found that it is closely related to bloating. It mainly happens after taking 20 to 30 grams of creatine for 6 to 7 days in the starting phase. Some reasons for bloating are given below:

  • Creatine bloating is the side effect of taking the wrong dosage or overusing the supplement. It leads to water retention in the body.
  • Here, the properties of creatine, when mixed with water, cause it to carry large amounts of water and increase levels of intramuscular creatine. As it increases, the size of muscles increases temporarily, leading to bloating. 
  • Many studies also signify that significant results in consistent increases in body weight and boating might occur in the loading phase.
  • Though not everyone is sure to experience bloating, some suffer a lot, and it is resolved after a few weeks of the loading process. 

6 Utmost Benefits Of Taking Creatine Supplements

In my study, I found that bloating can sometimes be due to common causes like overeating and deficiency of water, but creatinine is somehow a cause of it. However, limiting the dosage in the loading phase can reduce it wisely and make me feel comfortable. Some of the benefits of taking creatine supplements are given below. 

1] They Help Enhance Athletic Performance

According to my observations, there are multiple benefits to using creatine supplements. So, improving athletic performance is one of the most important beneficial properties of taking this supplement, which is mostly demanded by weight lifters or athletes. It increases the strength and power of exercising more. It is best demanded by improving power and boosting workload. 

2] Increase Body Mass Index

The intake of creatine supplements increases body mass index by improving muscle protein synthesis and, therefore, body mass index. Various fitness trainers and nutrition experts mostly recommend helping perform the best in sports and athletics. Also, it helps reduce fat metabolism and prevent excess fat from growing in the body. 

3] Help In Cognitive Benefits

Cognitive benefits are another important beneficial property of creatine supplements. Many studies suggest that it helps in treating neurodegenerative diseases and various Alzheimer’s diseases. Besides, it is effective for vegetarian groups as this support is naturally available in red meat and fish, which they do not eat.

Healthcare professionals also say that this supplement helps in improving short-term memory loss and aids in intelligence and memory. 

4] Improves Muscle-Related Age Muscle Loss

Due to aging, there are multiple age-related muscle losses, which cause one to lose power and cognitive function. However, creatine supplements aid in building protein synthesis and aid in enhancing power and strength. Also, it improves skin texture and overall enhances beauty.

5] Increases Recovery Process Of Metabolism

During exercising and other physical activities, one is tired and harassed. However, creatine supplements effectively improve the recovery time between bouts of intensive exercises. It reduces muscle damage caused by workouts and discomfort after training. 

6] Improves Heart Health

Another benefit of creatine medication is that it helps improve heart health and reduces the risk of heart disease like heart failure, heart functions, and more. It helps to supply the blood flow throughout the body effectively and improves the overall nervous and digestive system of the body if taken with proper dosage. 

Effective Ways To Treat Creatine Bloating 

Creatine bloating is usually categorized by excessive taking of supplements for a few days that pull water into muscles. It feels like an uncomfortable fullness in the abdomen, and many people report feeling puffy in the abdominal area. The best way to treat creatine bloating is:

To Reduce The Loading Phase Of Creatine

People who take creatine of approx 25 grams every day are likely to have bloating problems. So, the best opinion, as suggested by healthcare professionals, is to reduce the loading phase of creatine, that is, taking 10 to 15 grams in 1 to 2 days. It can reduce excessive water retention and bloating at the prior stage and provide comfort.

Choosing the Right Creatine

Choosing the right creatine supplements is another way to treat bloating and other gastric problems of the stomach. For this, avoiding certain medications that get intact with creatine medication can help to reduce the symptoms. Also, don’t blend creatine with milk, water, juice, or even into a smoothie or shake, as it can cause bloating.

Consuming creatine properly at the right time can reduce the symptoms of bloating and provide me with comfort and a healthy stomach and health.

Bottom Line

Bloating due to intake of creatine is a serious problem that made me suffer, but the guidance of experts cured it well, and now I have a healthy stomach. However, it can cause discomfort in the stomach area due to excessive gas or other causes whose symptoms are similar.

Also, many groups experience bloating from other factors such as diet, food interactions, medications, or certain medical conditions like pregnancy. 

However, taking preventive tips and taking care of dosage can prevent this situation in many aspects. Additionally, taking the consultants with a doctor can easily help to understand the source of bloating and other stomach problems. 


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