Team Concept Conference:



Thank you for attending Team Concept Conference 2016!

Team Concept Conference 2017
November 30-December 2, 2017
Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino

This year's conference offers 24.5 CEUs for attendance at all three days. Attendance was taken through the TCC App. CEUs were adjusted according to the number of days you attended.

CEU certificates will be available to download on Monday, December 12. We apologize for the delay but we are coordinating two new systems and want to be sure that certificates are accurate.

To retrieve your CEU certificate, login to the website with the credentials you used to register. Once logged in, go to your personal page by selecting SPTS Members>SPTS Member Home, even if you are not an SPTS member. Once on your home page, you will see the EDUCATION header. Beneath that header you will see that you have a completed course. Click there and go to the certificate download.

Your CEUs will be available to download on the site at any time. Should you lose your printout, you will be able to return to the site to retrieve a new one.

CEUs are approved by the BOC, #P754, which will be reflected on your CEU certificate.

Most speaker presentations are now available on the app. Please note that keynote speakers and some labs do not have support materials, depending upon the lecturer.

We are still attempting to locate and upload the few missing speaker presentations from the course. Please check back on the app over the next couple of days for presentations.

You have permanent access to the app, and can check back, review or download lectures at any time.

Please send an email message to if you have further questions.