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Now You and a Friend Can Save!

Bring a Friend is Back!
• Have a friend who has never attended TCC?  
• Have a colleague who hasn't attended in many years?

Here's a great way to add some incentive for him or her to attend, and you can save a little money yourself!

Back by popular demand...when you and your friend both register for Team Concept Conference 2018, both you and your friend save $50 off the price of your conference fees!

It's easy!
Ask your friend to attend with you...and please get a "yes" before you register!

Go to the TCC e-commerce page to register individually. It's important that you register separately so you can access your certificate at the end of the course. Let us know you're taking advantage of this program by emailing after you register to identify your buddy.

Pay your registration fee through the e-commerce site.

If you are a member, select Bring a Friend - Member. If your friend is a member, he or she selects the same.

If your friend is not an AASPT member, but is an APTA member, he or she will select Bring a Friend - APTA Member. A reminder here...your friend can save the entire cost of his or her membership fee by joining before registration!

If your friend is not an AASPT member, he or she will select Bring a Friend - Non AASPT.

The discounts are automatically credited to you if you make these selections.

You'll receive a confirmation email. Watch your spam box, just in case.

HSC Author: $400.00
HSC Author Non Member: $400.00

Exhibitor Non Member: $185.00
Exhibitor SPTS Member: $185.00

SPTS Member     $465.00
IFSPT Member     $540.00

Non APTA/IFSPT     $590.00

IFSPT Member Bring A Friend     $500.00
SPTS Member Bring A Friend     $410.00

APTA Bring A Friend: $500.00
APTA Member     $555.00

NATA Member Bring A Friend: $500.00
NATA Member: $555.00

Student Non Member: $275.00
SPTS Student Member: $275.00

Both you and your friend must specify the Bring a Friend program on your initial registration. We're sorry, but we cannot go back and apply this discount after one of you has already registered.

We're sorry, but student fees are already deeply discounted and we cannot offer the additional discount to student registrations.

If you select the Bring a Friend discount without registering with a friend, or if your friend does not register you as the accompanying party, you will not receive the discount.