Injury Prevention in Sports Medicine

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Editor: Mike Mullaney, PT

Earn 30 CEUs upon successful completion of the course.

Injury Prevention Home Study Course Objectives

To understand the common injuries associated with today’s athletes and risk factors that may contribute to these injuries.

To understand the research based injury prevention methods available to address soft tissue injuries of the ankle, knee and shoulder.

To understand the physiology associated with muscle injury and recovery.

To understand the equipment options available to prevent head and facial injuries in today’s athletes.

To understand the 4 step model to implementing an injury prevention program.

Chapter 1: The Prevention of Muscle Strains in Sports Medicine

Chapter 2: Recognition, Treatment, and Prevention of Exertional Heat Illness

Chapter 3: Sequence of Prevention: A Systematic Approach to Prevent Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury in Female Athletes

Chapter 4: The Prevention of Ankle Injuries

Chapter 5: Protective Equipment for Prevention of Head and Mouth Injuries

Chapter 6: Prevention of Repetitive Shoulder Injuries in Overhead Athletes