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Full EMR course
Three day course that covers all aspects of Emergency Medical Response including CPR, wound and fracture management, spine boarding, Emergency Medical system, pediatrics, specialty populations, environmental management, systemic review of body systems and injuries as related to sports. This 24 hour continuing education course is a requirement for physical therapists applying to sit for the board certification examination, or re-certification for Sports Physical therapy. Successful completion includes all didactic work, workbook and successful completion of the spine board and EMR practical. The student is responsible for both written and practical tests. Workbook must be completed. (24 CEUs)

Emergency Medical Response Course Learning Objectives
• Demonstrate the ability to deliver cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at the health care provider / professional rescuer level
• Demonstrate use of an automated external defibrillation (AED) in an emergency situation
• Describe professional level acute injury management
• Identify facial, chest, thorax, abdominal and extremities injuries
• Describe and implement emergency treatment for facial, chest, thorax, abdominal and extremities injuries
• Describe emergency treatment for concussion injuries and demonstrate knowledge of concussion management steps
• Differentiate steps for emergency care for physically challenged athletes as compared to traditional athletes
• Explain and implement necessary steps to treat patient with exertional heat illness
• Execute bleeding and wound management techniques
• Explain and implement medical emergency management at the professional level for full age spectrum of athletes, gender differences in emergency management, and sports performance enhancement
• Demonstrate proper equipment removal and spine boarding
• Explain ethical and legal issues related to emergency management and outline approved steps
• Develop and implement plans to prevent disease transmission
• Demonstrate procedures for airway management and Epipen and oxygen administration

Assessment: Written and practical tests

One day re-certification course
One day course reviews all aspects of Emergency Medical Response including recertification in CPR, review of wound and fracture management, spine board, specialty populations as related to sports. The student is responsible for both written and practical tests. This course is open for students who are no more than 60 days in lapsed expiration of their last EMR course. Workbook is only required if a revision update has been released by the ARC since your last qualification. (8 CEUs)

Assessment: This course assures knowledge of all full course learning objectives through written and practical tests.

For more information about courses and course details, follow this link.

AASPT Official EMR Provider

Residency Refund Program for EMR Courses

The Sports Physical Therapy Section of the APTA will provide up to five (5) annual scholarship refunds in the amount of $150.00 to Section member applicants of a credentialed sports residency. Candidates must be
- A student or professional member of the SPTS in good standing
- Provide proof of completion of an SPTS sponsored/approved Emergency Responder course via fax, or mailed to Mark De Carlo, Executive Director
- Candidate is accepted into a residency program within two years of course completion. A letter of acceptance must be faxed or mailed to Mark De Carlo, Executive Director.
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About the EMR Course

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Materials you are required to purchase and complete for the course:
1. Text Book: You may choose to purchase the hard copy text book or download it onto your device. See below where to purchase.

2. Emergency Medical Response Workbook. Do not purchase on Amazon.com. See below where to purchase.
This workbook must be completed prior to attending your course.

3. Adult/infant CPR mask set. Purchase online from Cogent Steps, LLC.

For more information about the course and information for students, please follow this link.

Where to order your books:

COMBO TEXT & WORKBOOK:  https://www.redcross.org/store/emergency-medical-response-student-kit-2017/756560.html#start=27&cgid=first-aid-and-cpr-aed

JUST TEXTBOOK:  https://www.redcross.org/store/emergency-medical-response-textbook-2017/756540.html?cgid=first-aid-and-cpr-aed#start=25&cgid=first-aid-and-cpr-aed

JUST WORKBOOK: https://www.redcross.org/store/emergency-medical-response-workbook-2017/756541.html?cgid=first-aid-and-cpr-aed#prefn1=IsCourse&sz=12&searchtype=product&start=28&prefv1=false&cgid=first-aid-and-cpr-aed

For the recertification course:
The recertification course is a one day course that reviews all aspects of Emergency Medical Response including recertification in CPR, review of wound and fracture management, spine board, specialty populations as related to sports. The student is responsible for successful completion of a practical test. This course is open for students who are no more than 60 days in lapsed expiration of their last EMR course. The purchase of another workbook for this course is not required at this time. (8 CEU’s)

First Aid, CPR and AED

The American Red Cross recommends that you complete a Refresher every 3 months to keep your knowledge and skills sharp so you feel ready to respond – at home, at school, at your workplace, in your community or as a professional rescuer.

Connect to the American Red Cross Refresher Center

Text and workbooks are currently available at the red cross store: 



This course is designed to be flexible and will meet, or exceed, the objectives set forth by the Department of Transportation. The course is designed specifically for the physical therapist working in providing sideline and courtside coverage for athletic events. Additionally, the course fulfills the requirements for a physical therapist to be eligible to submit their application for the ABPTS – SCS examination.

The course materials also include video presentations, slides, transparencies and hands-on laboratory sessions. Successful completion of both written and practical examinations is required for this course. Final practical examination will include successful completion of the following: bleeding control and shock management, trauma victim assessment and management, airway insertion and suction, management of injuries to soft tissue and skeletal structures and management of head, neck and back injuries.
Course Information For Students
Approximately two weeks prior to the course you will receive an email from the lead instructor or a staff member of Cogent Steps informing you of details of the course to include exact location, parking and any specifics of the location. We rely on our generous hosts including clinicians and clinics for support for our course locations.

Refunds will not be offered to those who cancel less than two weeks prior to the course except in extreme cases of medical emergency. Permission must be granted by the course director in these cases. Those who must cancel less than two weeks out may take the course at another time within the next year.

While we coordinate with our hosts, on a rare occasion  a situation may arise  where a course needs to be cancelled or postponed due to administrative, contract or registration issues. We make every attempt to decide 14 days prior to the first day. We recommend purchasing refundable tickets and hotel rooms or the purchase of travel insurance should a cancellation or postponement occur.  Students are welcome to transfer between courses if a conflict arises.


After careful consideration and feedback from our students and professional organizations, Cogent Steps, LLC is pleased to announce the Emergency Response for the Athlete (ERA) course. This course has been deliberately designed and tailored for physical therapist and athletic training students, licensed providers in athletic training, nursing, physical therapy and physicians who want specialized training in sideline and venue emergency management of the athlete. The ERA is a leap forward in quality and value for students and hosts.

The benefits of this new course include:

  • One payment for course registration, textbook and testing
  • Self-paced textbook and videos to download for immediate use
  • Online testing with review
  • 2-day vs 3-day in-person intensive course
  • Sport-specific topics which coincide with the Description of Clinical Practice for the Sports Specialist
  • CPR/AED as an add-on module only if needed (end of first day)

The ERA is pending designation as an NATABOC approved course through the Sports Physical Therapy Section. ERA will assist physical therapists with training in preparation for Sports Residencies and Fellowships.  The ERA has been approved by the Sports Specialty Council as satisfying the ABPTS requirement for Acute Management of Injury & Illness for applicants for Sports Specialist Certification.

Cogent Steps, LLC is not an approved educational provider for firefighters and EMT professionals who need to complete training and testing for the national registry exam. 


There are two parts to the course and a single registration with only one fee.

Part 1: Didactic Self-Paced

Part 2: In-Person Course

Students must sign-in and create a unique user id and password.

Students will purchase the textbook and accompanying videos for the course from the Cogent Steps store tab.

Students must provide their Sports Physical Therapy Section registration number and code to receive the section discount.

Once purchased, students may download the text and videos.

The textbook takes approximately 6-8 hours to complete depending on your pace.

Once the textbook is complete, students must take the 75-question online test and pass with a score of 80% or higher.

Once the test is complete, students will be cleared participation in Part 2: In-Person Course.


Once students complete their ERA course registration from the Cogent Steps store They may also select their site for the in-person portion of the course.

Courses are held within the US at various universities, hospitals and clinics.  Additionally, courses are offered prior to Combined Sections Meeting, Marine Corps Marathon, and Team Concept Conference.

Students may request information for hosting their own course.

There is no additional charge for the in-person course, unless a student also requires CPR. If CPR is required, students will purchase that module separately in the store and must bring or purchase an adult/infant mask for this segment. CPR will be taught at the end of the first day.

There are two testing components for the in-person course, both on day 2.

  • Spine boarding
  • Practical application with role-play

Approximately two and four weeks prior to the course, students will receive emails from a staff member of Cogent Steps, LLC providing information and details of the course, to include exact location, parking and any specifics of the location.

The course hours are:

Day 1: 8-4:30 with CPR being an additional 45+ minutes.

Day 2: 8-4 with practicals running from 1:45 to 4 pm.

If there are travel concerns, please let the lead instructor know ahead of time and accommodations can be coordinated.



To receive continuing education credit and SPTS certificate, both portions (self-paced didactic and in-person live) must be completed within 6 months of each other.

ERA SPTS member: $468

ERA non-section member: $610

ARC CPR/AED module (elective): $50

CPR mask: $15