How Can I Remove Milialar At Home? Effective Tips And Techniques


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Milia is a kind of skin disorder that is also known as milium cyst, and that can occur to anyone at any time. These are small, white bumps that often appear on the face, commonly around the eyes, nose, and cheeks. The skin of both babies and adults is highly prone to these skin problems; however, it may be characterized differently. 

When adults get these white spots or bumps in their skin, they usually don’t go away on their own but get treated by professionals. However, you can remove these without using any commercial product with the help of some home remedy ingredients and ways, but make sure that you don’t poke any of them.

So, you must read this article to know about some of the best natural ways that work effectively to get rid of this skin disorder and also prevent it from occurring in the future.

Tips To Remove Milialar At Home

Make A Lemon Sugar Scrub And Use Everyday

The best way to get rid of these skin bumps is to exfoliate your skin with sugar and lemon. To make this scrub at home, first, you have to squeeze lemon juice, mix an adequate amount of sugar in it, and make a thick paste.

Remove Milialar At Home

Now, you have to apply the scrub gently on the areas where these bombs are found and move your fingers in a circular motion to remove the dead skin cells and open the pores.

The lemon sugar scrub also helps you remove extra toxins from your skin if you gently massage it in a round motion for at least 15 to 20 minutes. If you want to see significant results within a week, then you must repeat this process every day, and your milialar will get removed.

Use Potato For Removing Milialar At Home

What is one of the four items that are the favorite of many people, whether it’s a child or an adult? But did you know that by providing you with cards and other nutrients, these kitchen items are a great cleaning agent for your skin? Yes, potatoes can help you treat Milialar and also prevent them from occurring again in the future.

This is because this kitchen ingredient is rich in starch, and its juices get deep into the skin and cleanse it from the core.

So, to make this paste, you have to grind potato and extract the juice from it, and when the juice is ready, all you have to do is dip a cotton pad and apply it to your face. Once your face is fully covered with the juice, leave it to dry and then wash it off with warm water.

If you want to see an effective result, then you must use this juice twice a day, as one potato can give you enough juice that can be stored in the fridge to use multiple times.

The Anti-inflammatory Properties Of Castor Oil Helps Big Time

Castor oil is good for your skin, and there is no doubt that its anti-inflammatory properties will help you get rid of these skin bumps sooner than you expect. But you must make sure that your face is really clean before you apply this oil to your face.

It doesn’t matter if you have oily, normal, or dry skin because castor oil is beneficial for every type of skin, and it penetrates deep into the tissues and cleanses it from within.

First, you have to wash your face with a foaming face wash and pattern dry before applying a few drops of oil on your face. When you have applied the drops, you have to move your hand in a circular motion so that the oil can cover all the parts of your face and leave it for half an hour.

When half an hour has passed, you can wash the oil using a water-based face wash and pat your skin dry. You must repeat this process daily so that your milialar can be removed in no time.

Rosewater Is Good For Your Skin To Treat Milialar

Rose water cannot only make your cheeks rosy, radiant, and glowing but also help you treat various skin conditions. This liquid mineral-rich oil is easily available for you in the market, so you must get a bottle and use it daily to treat your milialar.

Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties, and it penetrates deep inside your skin and can remove any impurities that are found in the pores of your skin.

This is also one of the best home remedies that is considered by a lot of people because only a few drops of this water can treat the skin conditions in the affected area. It is advisable to try this remedy twice or thrice a day if you want to see good results in less time.

Apart from applying it alone, you can also consider mixing it with sandalwood powder or other natural powder skin products that can remove the skin bumps and leave you with smooth and glowing skin.


Treating these skin bumps or milialar is only the first step to getting smooth, silky, radiant, and glowing skin, but you must make sure that this skin issue does not reoccur. Hence, you must take precautions and all the measures that will allow you to prevent these bombs from showing up again.

For this, you must follow a proper skincare routine and definitely avoid poking them because it can leave dark spots or ugly scar marks.

Apart from an effective skin routine, you must also avoid Sun exposure, remove your cosmetic products before sleep, avoid using creams and cosmetics on milialar, exfoliate and steam your face regularly, and limit the consumption of spicy, salty, oily, and sugary food items.

Instead of eating high-cholesterol foods, you must prefer consuming vitamin A-rich foods because they are good for your skin and overall health. Additionally, you must maintain personal hygiene and never try to pick or poke those bumps with your nails and fingers.


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