How To Get Alcohol Out Of Your System? Explore Proven Strategies


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Having that few shots of alcohol on your weekends after a hectic week can be quite enjoyable for most of us. However, if you are having any kind of drug tests, or if you need to get sober relatively faster, you need to flush out the alcohol from your system.

There are a lot of ways to do this and make the process of flushing out a bit faster. As soon as alcohol reaches the human body, it starts to break to break it down into simpler units. This function is primarily assigned to our liver.

However, alcoholism metabolism happens at varying speeds and efficiency according to the health conditions and the overall wellness of the human body. This article will let you know the ways to get alcohol out of your system, through which you can make the process of alcohol metabolism faster and with a bit more efficiency. 

How long will you experience the alcoholic effect?

This can be regarded as a highly relative question since every human body metabolises alcohol in varying durations which makes its functional duration in the human system also differ from each other.

As already mentioned, once you drink alcohol, the body starts its function of breaking down into simpler units with the help of organs and organ systems. This happens every single hour and the portion of alcohol metabolized by your body in every single hour is also quite relative in individuals.

Flushing out alcohol

However, it is also important to note that it is impossible to accelerate the time taken by the liver to metabolize the alcohol consumed by you.

If you are someone who drinks a lot within the least duration, your body becomes incapable of metabolizing the alcohol consumed and thus a lot of portions remain in the body and can lead to toxicity.

Hence one of the best ways through which you can prevent that is to drink it slowly and steadily. If you would like to know the approximate duration of the alcohol being functional in our body, it can be estimated as 3 hours to 7 hours, for an alcohol portion of 1 to 4 drinks.

It is also important to note that, your age, existing health conditions, sex, liver health, workout routines, diet, and many more factors can potentially affect the functional duration of alcohol in your body. 

Flushing out alcohol: some effective ways 

Flushing out the excess alcohol is inevitable and it needs to be done as the first priority if you are experiencing issues of hangover the next day. It also becomes an urgent necessity when you have a drug test to do the next day.

Alcohol intoxication can make you quite tired and following some of the effective and natural ways to flush out the excess alcohol remaining in your body as toxins can help you get back on track and confront your daily activities and challenges.

Some of the proven ways to get this done have been mentioned below:

1. Drink plenty of water

If you are dehydrated, then it is highly likely for you to experience a really bad hangover waking up the very next day. To sort this issue out, all you can do is drink plenty of water. You must make it a habit to drink plenty of water before you plan to drink alcohol.

It is also advised that you keep a large bottle of water along with you during the drinking process. Hydrating in between drinks can also help you flush out the toxins regularly and prevent the chances of a hangover effectively.

Even if you do not feel like having water after the drinking session, make sure you do it with an intention so that you will not have to fight the hangover issues the next day.

You can also prevent the chances of alcohol intoxication by doing so. Apart from removing all the remaining unmetabolized alcohol from your body, drinking plenty of water can also help you increase the speed of detoxification in your body. 

2. Have some salts 

When we say salt, it is not essentially the Sodium Chloride that you are using in your pantries. However, it is also one of them. Since you are drinking a lot of water and also several drinks, it is highly likely to lose electrolytes from your body which can lead to a fall in your blood pressure levels and various other health conditions.

To prevent such situations, make sure you are drinking a lot of vegetable juices especially tomato, or any vegetable that is rich in electrolyte content. You can also add a pinch or two of salt into it, which makes it much tastier and also helps you have the benefits of table salt.

3. Green tea 

Green tea is another natural way you can attain sobriety at a much faster pace. All you need to do is have some green tea bags handy. You can put these bags in a cup of lukewarm water once your drinking session is over.

You can also have this during the other day when you find it difficult to fight the hangover issues and get started with your daily chores and challenges.

Green tea is also rich in its anti-inflammatory properties. This can help in keeping your liver healthy. Having a healthy liver and maintaining its health is quite important when it comes to the efficient metabolizing process of green tea. Apart from that, it can also help in the entire detoxification process of your body and thus help you sober easily. 


Now that is all you need to know about alcohol consumption and flushing it out from your system. However, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to have an eye on the portions you are drinking at a time.

Patiently waiting is the most effective and the right way through which alcohol gets removed from your body. Apart from that, make sure to take care of your liver health, overall wellness, and hydration to get rid of the hangover issues.


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