Instant Knockout Reviews: A Thermogenic Natural Formulation For 24-hour Fat Burning!


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Instant Knockout is one of the most popular weight loss supplements that is currently available in the market today. While there are quite a few such products available, what makes this stand out from the rest is the fact that it is the only weight loss supplement that is recommended by legendary MMA coach Greg Jackson. Due to this very fact, the makers are quite proud and it has also given the Instant Knockout weight loss formula the needed popularity to have a place of its own in the market too. But popularity alone cannot be a factor when it comes to a dietary formula for the body. 

While going through the official website, it is quite interesting to note that there is no mention of any kind of ingredients that can be harmful to the body. Also, the fact that you do not need to be an athlete to use the formula has increased its popularity even more. The packaging and the design of the Instant Knockout supplement also give the hint that it is quite a dependable and high-quality formula. But to make the final decision, different sections of the supplement needed to be analyzed, and that is exactly what we will be doing through this Instant Knockout review. 

Instant Knockout Reviews: How This Weight Loss Formula Stacks Up Against Other Supplements?

The details regarding the different aspects of the Instant Knockout fat burner like the ingredients used in its making, the different benefits that it has on the body, the working mechanism of the supplement, different pros and cons, and even the information gathered from different customer reviews and the price details are also included in the review. So, make sure that you go through the Instant Knockout review if you want to make a wise decision. 

Instant Knockout Review
Supplement NameInstant Knockout
AimTo fight stubborn fat
Age RangeAdults
Unit Count120
Specialties▪ Used by pro MMA fighters and boxers
▪ 24-hour fat burning
Ingredients▪ Glucomannan
▪ Cayenne Pepper Seeds
▪ Green Tea Extract
▪ Black Pepper Extract
▪ Caffeine
▪ L-Theanine
▪ Vitamin D3
▪ Vitamin B6
▪ Vitamin B12
Benefits▪ Excessive breakdown of body fat
▪ Better stamina and energy
▪ Assist in the development of body muscle
Dosage4 capsules a day
Safety Factors▪ Vegetarian and vegan-friendly
▪ Scientifically backed
▪ FDA and cGMP-approved facilities
▪ Naturally sourced ingredients
Side EffectsNothing major reported
Price$45 for one bottle
BonusBoss Shred – Free books and video guides
AvailabilityInstant Knockout official website
To PurchaseClick here

Instant Knockout: A Quick Introduction

Instant Knockout is a fat-burning supplement that has been gathering popularity ever since its introduction in the market. It is said to be the first choice of athletes, especially MMA fighters who are known for their healthy bodies with very low unhealthy fat content. The fact that it is also recommended by legendary MMA fighting coach Greg Jackson is also a unique feature of the supplement.

Instant Knockout fat reduction formula is safe in terms of the ingredients present in it and highly effective, considering the benefit of the supplement. It is made using ingredients that are 100% natural in origin and these ingredients are also of the highest quality. The makers also ensure that it doesn’t use any kind of chemical ingredients that can be harmful to the body.

The manufacturing standard is also quite impressive. It is made in an FDA-registered facility and is certified by Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP) too. Like the majority of the other supplements that are available in the market today, Instant Knockout weight management aid comes in the form of capsules, making the consumption of the supplement easier. You will have 120 capsules each in every standard bottle. 

What Are The Major Instant Knockout Ingredients?

The ingredients used in the making of a supplement are very important for its final result and effectiveness. The Instant Knockout fat burners do not contain any chemical or artificial substances and are made using ingredients that are completely natural only. The list of ingredients used in the making are:

Glucomannan root


The major action of the ingredient is to control your hunger. It is a dietary fiber and is said to put an end to overeating and excessive snacking, thereby helping your body put an end to excessive calorie intake. 

Cayenne Pepper Seeds

Cayenne Pepper Seeds

This Instant Knockout ingredient is used in the supplement due to the presence of a compound named capsaicin. It is a bioactive compound and is known for its ability to burn fat. The company has similar effects on green tea. It helps to increase the metabolic rate and facilitates enhanced fat oxidation. 

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green Tea Extract

This is one of the most common ingredients that is found in almost all weight loss supplements. This is due to the high effectiveness of the ingredient to bring down body fat. It helps to increase the fat-burning capacity of the body by 15%.

Black Pepper Extract

Black Pepper Extract

Also known as piperine, the Instant Knockout compound is known for its effects on body weight and is said to activate and improve the metabolic actions of the body and the digestive health of the body, giving the supplement the role of digestion support formula too. 



It is a well-known fact that caffeine is very effective in improving the energy levels of the body and it is also said to possess the power to promote the process of thermogenesis in the body. 



The ingredient is said to have a relaxing and calming effect on the body and when this is combined with caffeine, it is said to take care of the body who faces an energy slump. Along with this, it can also affect and improve sleep quality

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3

It is crucial for maintaining heart health and also the lack of correct levels of the ingredient can affect the body with higher risks of bone fracture. Some reports suggest that vitamin D is associated with Body Mass Index (BMI). 

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6

This Instant Knockout ingredient has a major role in helping you to stay focused and driven with your goal to reduce body fat. This is because vitamin B6 is associated with increasing the level of dopamine in the body. 

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12

This is known for its effects on metabolism and its rat and it also helps to improve and act on the mood and concentration too. 

The Mechanism Behind Instant Knockout’s Functioning

Just like all the other major dietary formulas available in the market, the ingredients used in the supplement are the secret behind its effectiveness and the result that you get from it. The major ingredients used in the making of the Instant Knockout fat loss formula are known to have a direct impact on the metabolism and rate of the body.

Instant Knockout Before And After

As the metabolic activities of the body increase, the whole process of fat breakdown and thus release of energy also increases. The Instant Knockout ingredients are also known for their effect on metabolism and fat-burning capacity and these benefits are backed by different scientific evidence too.

These ‘big guns’ help you to shed excess fat effectively and also get into shape much easier and faster than the majority of the supplements available on the market. The fact that even MMA fighters trust Instant Knockout fat burner and its working is an additional assurance. 

Advantages Of Taking The Instant Knockout Pills

There is no doubt that burning the excess fat in the body and giving you the perfect shape is the major concern of the Instant Knockout supplement but along with that, there are quite a few other benefits from using it. These benefits are one of the major reasons behind the popularity that the product has now. Some of the different benefits of using this is included in this Instant Knockout review section:

Excessive breakdown of body fat

This is the major concern of the supplement and through the action of strong ingredients present in the Instant Knockout tablets, the excess unhealthy fat deposited in the body gets broken down into energy, thereby helping you to bring down your body weight and also to stay healthy and in shape. 

Better stamina and energy

The metabolic activities of the body get improved by the action of the Instant Knockout pills which means that the excess fat stored in the body gets converted to energy. This will help you to stay active throughout the day and also to keep up your stamina in doing different activities and thus improve athletic performance

Assist in the development of body muscle

Along with taking care of the issue of excess body weight, the Instant Knockout metabolism booster is effective in helping to maintain a healthy shape and stature by acting on the muscles and assisting the process of maintaining and developing your muscles. 

Pros And Cons Of Instant Knockout

Be it any kind of dietary supplement, pros and cons and common for all and the same is the case with the Instant Knockout formula. It has quite a few pros and cons and having an understanding of these pros and cons will help you to get a better picture of the supplement. Here are some of the major pros and cons that you should be aware of when it comes to Instant Knockout fat reduction aid. 


  • The supplement is made using natural ingredients only
  • High manufacturing standard
  • Easy to consume
  • Scientifically backed formula
  • Non traces of any kind of chemical ingredients


  • Available for purchase only from the Instant Knockout official website
  • A significant possibility that it will be out of stock.

Directions To Take Instant Knockout Dietary Capsules

Following the right instructions provided by the makers of the Instant Knockout tablet is very important if you want to get the best result from using this supplement.

It is a formula that comes in the form of capsules, which is one of the most common forms of dietary supplement. A standard Instant Knockout bottle contains 120 capsules each.

Instant Knockout Capsules

All the necessary instructions regarding the Instant Knockout dosage and the right way and time to take it are mentioned on the label. Use this as a reference if you find yourself questioning anything. Also, the official website gives a special warning to stick to the recommended dosage and not to go over it. 

Also, keep in mind the fact that if you are someone who has any kind of medical history or is currently taking any kind of prescription medicine, then it is better to consult your doctor and get a professional opinion before starting to take the Instant Knockout pills. 

Instant Knockout Side Effects And Negative Factors

Side effects are desirable effects of using a supplement and it can often be harmful to the body. So, looking into the possible side effects is very important before you decide to buy one. In the majority of cases, the reason for the side effects comes from the ingredients that are used in the making of the supplement.

Instant Knockout Supplement Facts

As for Instant Knockout, all the ingredients are 100% natural. Also, the makers take special care to ensure that there are no chemical ingredients present in the supplement. So, there is no chance of having any kind of Instant Knockout side effects. It is also assuring to note that there is no mention of any side effects by anyone in any of the available Instant Knockout customer reviews. 

Customers’ Take On Instant Knockout Supplement

The best way to understand the opinions and experiences that people had from using this is to go through the different customer reviews available. As the supplement is quite popular, a lot of Instant Knockout customer reviews are available online. The majority of these available reviews speak very highly of the supplement.

Instant Knockout Customer Reviews

They seem to be quite satisfied and happy with the results that they have got from using it. This also points to the fact that Instant Knockout fat burner lives up to the different claims that it makes and delivers the promised results. There is also no mention of any kind of side effects by anyone who has used it, which is quite an achievement for a dietary supplement. 

How And Where To Order Instant Knockout? How Much Does It Cost?

The Instant Knockout website is the best place to buy the supplement if you’re planning to do so. This is because it is not available for purchase from any other sources. You will not be able to find it on any of the popular e-commerce websites or in any of your local retail stores. 

The Instant Knockout price details are given below;

1 bottle1 month supply$45
2 bottles2 month supply$90 + free USA & UK shipping + Free bonus
3 bottles3 months supply$135 + Free worldwide shipping + free bonus + 1 free bottle of Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout Bonus Details

Along with the purchase of a set of 2 or 3 Instant Knockout bottles, you will receive a few additional things that can help you enhance the effects of the supplement. The details of the bonuses are as follows;

Instant Knockout Bonus

Boss Shred

This is an additional bonus that is available along with the Instant Knockout purchase. The bonus includes different items such as an easy-to-follow video program and an ebook that contains detailed nutrition information. The proper use of this bonus will help you to improve and enhance the effects of the supplement and cut down body fat effectively. 

Summing Up: Instant Knockout Reviews

There is no doubt in saying that Instant Knockout is one of the most talked about weight management formulas that is available in the market today. It is also one of the very rare weight loss supplements that are used by MMA fighters and even recommended by coaches. These factors have contributed immensely to the popularity of the supplement and have attracted a lot of potential customers to it.

But while choosing the right one for the body, going behind the popularity is not the best method. Before choosing one, you should have a clear idea regarding the different aspects through the different sections of this Instant Knockout review, we have looked into almost all the different details of the supplement like the ingredients used in its making, the different benefits, the working mechanism of it, the pros and co and even the price details. After getting to know the different details of this aspect, it is safe to say that the Instant Knockout weight loss formula is worthy of a chance too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to ensure the authenticity of the Instant Knockout supplement?

To get your hands on the best stock, make sure that you buy it only from the Instant Knockout official website. 

2. Is there any risk of Instant Knockout side effects?

As the Instant Knockout fat reduction formula is made using ingredients that are 100% natural and with no involvement of any chemical ingredients there is no chance of having any side effects from it. 

3. Is it safe to make payments through the official website of Instant Knockout?

As the website uses modern technology to secure the information, it is completely safe to make payments through the Instant Knockout website. 

4. Is there any payment required for the Instant Knockout bonuses?

Even though the bonus is sold in the market for an additional price, here you will receive it without any kind of payment. 

5. Is the Instant Knockout purchase a one-time payment procedure?

As there are no additional or hidden charges associated with Instant Knockout capsules, the purchase is a one-time payment procedure. 


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