Original Research

Specific and Cross over Effects of Massage for Muscle Soreness: Randomized Controlled Trial

Authors:  Jay K,  Sundstrup E,  Sondergaard SD, Behm D, Petersen MB, Saervoll CA, Andersen LL

Muscle soreness can negatively interfere with activities of daily living as well as sports performance. In the working environment, a common problem is muscle tenderness, soreness, and pain, especially in workers frequently exposed to unilateral, high repetition movement tasks. The aim of this study was to investigate the acute effects of massage applied using a simple device (Thera-bandâroller Massager) on laboratory induced hamstring muscle soreness, as well as to investigate the potential cross over effect to the non-massaged limb. There was a significant group by time interaction for soreness (p<0.0001) and pressure-pain threshold (PPT) (p=0.0007), with the massage group experiencing reduced soreness and increasing PPT compared with the control group. There was no group by time interaction for ROM (p=0.18).  At 10 min. post massage there was a significant reduction in soreness of the non-massaged limb in the cross over control group compared to controls but this effect was lost 30 minutes post massage.  Massage with a roller device reduces muscle soreness and is accompanied by a higher PPT of the affected muscle.

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