Kasoori Methi (Dried Fenugreek Leaves) Uses And Benefits

Written by Dr. Amber Jones

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Dried fenugreek leaves are known as kasoori methi in Hindi, which has been used for a really long time, especially in dishes from the Indian subcontinent. Also, many people look for traditional herbs these days that they can use for health benefits.

Thus, kasoori methi comes to the minds of such people who want to consume traditional things that can provide health benefits. 

Also, you may like to know that fenugreek is sometimes sold as a dietary supplement. However, you should also know that more studies and evidence are required to support its health benefits. Moreover, you can still use it in cooking to increase the taste and flavor of many types of dishes.

Get An Understanding Of Kasoori Methi

Kasoori methi, or dried fenugreek leaves, comes from a plant that belongs to the Fabaceae. Also, this plant has three tiny, egg-shaped leaves on each stem and has been used in many dishes from the Indian subcontinent since ancient times. Moreover, you should know that both dried and fresh fenugreek leaves are used as a herb. 

Kasoori Methi

Additionally, seeds of this plant are also used in dishes and to make pickles. Fresh fenugreek leaves are also used as a vegetable and can be included in various dishes. Moreover, it is not only used to increase the flavor of dishes but also to gain health benefits. However, more scientific research is needed to know whether it truly improves health or not.

How Kasoori Methi Can Be Used?

People mostly use kasoori methi in cooking various dishes. However, people also use it in different ways. Thus, you should know that both dried or fresh fenugreek leaves (kasoori methi) are used as an herb. Also, the seeds are used as a spice or mixed with other spices to make panch phoron or sambhar powder. 

Moreover, kasoori methi is also used to make pickles because it can add a unique flavor. Additionally, it is used in salads because it can increase the taste. Moreover, if you like to eat paratha, then you can try methi paratha. Also, chefs in hotels or people in homes use kasoori methi to increase the taste of butter chicken. 

Additionally, dal tadka, dal makhni, and paneer tikka masala are some popular dishes that you can make with kasoori methi to increase the taste and flavor. Also, when you want to drink herbal tea, you can make it with kasoori methi.

Moreover,  soaps and some cosmetic products include kasoori methi as an ingredient. Interestingly, some herbal medicines use kasoori methi to decrease the bitterness.

Health Benefits Of Kasoori Methi

1. Improve Digestion And Prevent Digestive Issues

If you often deal with digestive issues like stomach upsets, diarrhea, or constipation, then you can start using kasoori methi. It can improve your digestion, which means you can prevent stomach-related diseases like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Moreover, when your stomach is working well, other body organs will also function more efficiently.

2. Helpful In Managing Kidney Stones

If you have kidney stones, then kasoori methi can be helpful. Also, you can use it in dishes or make herbal tea with kasoori methi for this.

Moreover, you can also use fenugreek seeds to manage your kidney stones. For this, put seeds in a glass of water and leave it overnight. Further, strain the water in the morning and drink it. Additionally, kasoori methi can help you manage mouth ulcers.

3. Control Cholesterol Levels

If you are having problems due to your cholesterol levels, then kasoori methi can help you manage them. It is helpful to reduce bad cholesterol or triglycerides, which is beneficial for your overall health.

Also, it contains antioxidants that can protect you against chronic diseases. Thus, you can use it to increase good and healthy cholesterol and improve your heart health as well.

4. Prevent Respiratory Illnesses

Kasoori methi can prevent respiratory illnesses, which are very common. Also, you should use it more in the winter season because the cases of respiratory illnesses increase this time. Moreover, kasoori methi can clean your throat, which means it can provide relief from coughs.

5. Helpful For Diabetes Management

If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, then Kasoori Methi can help you manage this condition. When you eat kasoori methi regularly, it can improve the insulin activity in your body.

Further, it can help you control your blood sugar levels. Thus, you can start using kasoori methi in your dishes and salads to manage type 2 diabetes.

6. Good For Skin Health

Kasoori methi is good for the skin and can prevent you from conditions like acne or sunburn. As we mentioned above, kasoori methi contains antioxidants that are helpful for your skin health.

Moreover, you can remove dead cells from your skin if you consume kasoori methi regularly. Additionally, you can make a paste of kasoori methi and mix it with turmeric to apply to your face and other areas of your body.

7. Improve Hair Growth

We have mentioned above that kasoori methi is used in different ways. Remember? It is true because you can mix kasoori methi in coconut oil to massage your scalp and improve your hair growth.

Also, you can mix kasoori methi with vinegar and apply it to your scalp. Moreover, you should know that when you use it in cooking, you get hair growth benefits.

Final Words

Do you like to use or consume natural products? Kasoori methi is one such item that people have been using since ancient times, especially in the Indian subcontinent. Above, we have explained kasoori methi, which is dried fenugreek leaves.

Also, we have explained how people use kasoori methi in their daily lives. Moreover, we have explained the benefits of using kasoori methi. 

Therefore, if you want to use kasoori methi, then this information can be helpful. Also, you should know that more evidence is required to support the claims of its health benefits. However, you can still use it in various dishes like butter chicken and paneer tikka masala to increase the taste and flavor.


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