Liver Detox Tea: Amazing Health Benefits Explained!

Written by Dr. Amber Jones

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We are sure you might have heard about it once or twice around but seldom discussed. So through this blog, we aim to talk in detail about liver detox tea and how its use could benefit us. Our discussion will also include the timings to take it along with the ways to take them

For your ease, we might have put in some other drinks that are detoxifying to the core and can help your liver gain its vitality. It is always important to know that all of these remedies may or may not work for everyone. Read on to learn what we find!

What is liver detox tea?

Liver Detox Tea Benefits

Liver detox tea is just what its name suggests. It is an especially brewed tea made to help the liver cleanse the toxins from the body. To make the tea, several natural or organic ingredients are added in specific proportions. All these herbs are known to have medicinal properties that make the liver hale and hearty.

Which tea cleans the liver?

The liver is an organ that can purify toxins that enter our digestive system. Their use also extends to the production of bile which helps in the proper absorption of nutrients from the foods we ingest. A liver detox tea can help cleanse the liver and make it as good as new.

What are the ingredients in a homemade liver detox tea?

Ingredients in a liver detox tea are 100% herbal and can include a variety of spices. You may need 1-2 teaspoons of milk thistle seeds and dried dandelion root. Additionally, you might need a teaspoon of turmeric powder, grated fresh ginger, and some peppermint leaves. Use some honey or lemon for taste.

How to make homemade liver detox tea?

  • To make homemade liver detox tea, you need to boil some water and add all the needed spices in another container.
  • The next step includes pouring the water over the spices and letting them soak for 5-10 minutes. When done, you can strain the tea properly and add a tinge of lemon or honey to make it tasty.

liver detox tea benefits

Liver detox tea can have multiple benefits whether made at home or bought from some sources.

  • the liver is important to maintain immunity and the tea can ensure that happens.
  • It helps stabilize the free radicals causing oxidization.
  • Liver detox teas are also known to help get rid of poisonous substances that might have made it into the digestive system through your foods.
  • Some people also take it to help release the stress the body accumulates through time. However, what it does in that effect still needs clarification.

Liver detox tea side effects

Certain side effects associated with liver detox teas include,

  • Some of the ingredients can cause stomach pain in people.
  • People may develop an allergy to certain ingredients like dandelion roots.
  • Since they are not eaten daily, their interaction with medicines is unknown.
  • People who drink detox tea can also experience frequent urination and loss of electrolytes.

Some of its other side effects could also be the increase of toxins in the liver. You may wonder how but sometimes, high doses of some herbal products can lead the liver to malfunction and stop working. People should be careful about too much urine passage leading to heavy dehydration.

Other drinks for liver cleansing

Apart from the liver detox tea, you can also opt for,

  • Water: It is a natural detoxifier and can help your liver remove any toxins.
  • Lemon water: With Vitamin C in abundance, it facilitates the production of bile in healthy amounts.
  • Green tea: Catechins in green tea are wonderful detoxifiers.
  • Beet juice: Red beet juice with betalains is full of anti-inflammatory properties.

If you like making mixed drinks, you might want to try your hands on cranberry juice, artichoke juice, and lemon and ginger detox drinks. All these are filled with Vitamins that affect the digestive system positively. Moreover, aloe vera juice could also seem like a fine choice.

How to drink liver detox tea for best results?

Several conditions are to be followed to ensure the best results including choosing high-quality ingredients. We also recommend drinking it regularly as consistency could go a long way. Along with the liver detox tea, you should also drink plenty of water to ensure proper detoxification. Lastly, don’t overdrink it.

Do liver cleanse and detox drinks work?

Though the anecdotal claims are abundant, scientific studies are still doubtful about the efficacy of liver detox tea. However, researchers also believe that the use of organic substances may not be entirely wrong for your body. But to make it work, you should be patient and follow the whole lifestyle change as suggested by the doctor.

The time at which we drink the liver detox tea is also important. For instance, drinking it at the break of dawn could refine your system. Moreover, those who take it in the afternoon, before meals would like to limit their food intake. Additionally, some also prefer taking it before bed.

Before the bed, the tea could be soothing and calming, reducing the stress you could be under. People who undergo a cleanse or detox period would want to opt for this one to speed the process and also make it holistic. You should be talking to a professional before you make the transition in any case.


Liver detox teas have taken the health world by storm. Being one of the most important organs, the liver needs to be taken care of with precision and utmost attention. The teas have benefits and risks that need to be taken care of when drinking. We have also included some tips for you to follow. 

 In any case, you should let us know if it did work for you.


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