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Three scholarly journals to SPTS members...more than any other Section.

Education is key at SPTS, and one of the ways we reflect this commitment is through providing three journals to our full members.

Full time members receive
IJSPT (online only)
Sports Health

Student members receive online versions of
IJSPT (online only)


JOSPT is mailed to members and also offers online access. For more information, link here.

IJSPT access is controlled through the SPTS website, as this is a self-published journal. Simply sign on with your membership credentials, and access the journal. For issues logging in, link here. For all other questions, please refer to contact information on the IJSPT home page.

Sports Health is mailed to full members' homes, and is also accessible online. Student members do not receive Sports Health as part of their membership.

If you experience difficulty in accessing online, please click the links above for the specific publication and contact the office.