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Addressing the unique needs of the female athlete

The Special Interest Group for the Female Athlete exists in order to further the knowledge of Sports Physical Therapy & Women’s Section members who have a particular interest in this area. The Female Athlete SIG will act as a facilitator for its members by bringing together individuals with a common interest in female athlete issues at regular business meetings and continuing education programming. The Female Athlete SIG will also serve as a facilitator for research on various aspects of female athlete training, injury prevention, and physical therapy management issues.


The focus of the Female Athlete SIG will be to further the knowledge in athlete issues across pediatric, adolescent, and adult female populations such as

• Epidemiology of female athlete injuries
• Female Athlete Triad (disordered eating, menstrual dysfunction, osteoporosis)
• Orthopedic conditions
• Stress fractures, soft tissue injuries, total hip and knee arthroplasty in active women, body-specific injuries (head, spine, shoulder, knee, ankle)
• Psychology and Motivation issues
• Performance issues
• Nutrition, Ergogenic and supplement aids, substance abuse
• Rehabilitation and Strength issues
• Sport-specific rehabilitative programs
• Biomechanical consideration for upper and lower extremity
• Obstetric/Gynecologic conditions
• Training issues

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Female Athlete SIG
Carol Ferkovic Mack, DPT, SCS, CSCS
Second Term 2016-2019
Christy Zwolski, PT
Second Term 2016-2019