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More than a "good walk spoiled."

The Golf and Golf Performance Special Interest Group (SIG) is dedicated to help further the knowledge of Sports Physical Therapy members who have a particular interest in the sport of golf. The Golf and Golf Performance SIG acts as a facilitator for its members by bringing together individuals with a common interest in golf related issues at regular business meetings as well as continuing education programming. The Golf and Golf Performance SIG also serves as a facilitator for research on various aspects of golf; including training, injury prevention, and physical therapy management issues.

The Golf Special Interest Group was created to enable those with the passion, love, and obsession that goes with the game to have the opportunity for a SIG focused around the game of golf. Golf has been described in many ways but the most common being “A good walk spoiled.” In physical therapy, we often see golfers presenting with specific symptoms associated with and caused by participation. The SIG is to serve the educational and foster enhanced clinical treatments for these special athletes. (OK-we admit to a bias!)


The focus of the Golf and Golf Performance SIG is to further the knowledge in athlete issues such as
Epidemiology of injuries to the golf athlete
Orthopedic conditions related to participation in golf, throughout the lifespan
Psychology and Motivation issues
Performance issues
Nutrition, Ergogenic and supplemental aids, substance abuse
Biomechanical sequencing – golf swing analysis
Technology related to analysis of the golf swing
Rehabilitation and Strength issues
Sport-specific rehabilitative programs
Biomechanical consideration for upper and lower extremity interventions, prevention and wellness.
Training and conditioning issues
Equipment, footwear, and technology updates

Benefits of Belonging

Forum. The Golf and Golf Performance SIG has a forum located on the Sports Physical Therapy Section website where SIG members can post scientific papers for discussion, pose questions for their colleagues, share ideas, and foster reflection and dialogue about practice issues.

Quarterly newsletter. A quarterly Golf and Golf Performance SIG newsletter is sent to SIG members to inform them of recent and upcoming events, recent publications and other information relevant to the Golf and Golf Performance SIG.

Interpersonal and industry connections. The Golf and Golf Performance SIG has an interest in fostering professional connections to promote joint research or publication.

Evidence-based practice. The Golf and Golf Performance SIG is in the process of creating an Evidence-Based Practice sublink that will provide information on evidence-based practice topics related to the golfing athlete.

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