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More than a "good walk spoiled."

The Golf Performance Special Interest Group was created to enable members with the passion, love, and obsession that goes with the game to have a SIG focused around the sport of golf.  Golf has been described in many ways but the most common being “A good walk spoiled.”  In physical therapy, we often see golfers present with specific impairments associated with and caused by participation.  

More than a "good walk spoiled."

The Golf and Golf Performance Special Interest Group (SIG) is dedicated to help further the knowledge of AASPT members who have an interest in the sport of golf. The Golf and Golf Performance SIG acts as a facilitator for its members by bringing together individuals with a common concentration in golf related issues at regular business meetings as well as continuing education programming.

The Golf SIG website located on the AASPT page is designed to be a “destination site” for those wanting to access information and grow their ability to start &/or keep golfers engaged.

Focus of Golf SIG

  1. Have a positive impact on the world of sports medicine
    1. Conduct, report and employ research using golf and rotational sports as a foundation.
    2. Dissemination of information related to issues/topics relevant to golf and rotational sports
  2. Lower the average golf score from 100 to 98 through direct and indirect physical therapist involvement
    1. Bring together a panel of experts who are resources for AASPT members (see below)
    2. Identify key factors for lowering golf scores
  3. Develop and offer opportunities for Golf SIG members that can help personal growth and parlay such growth into meeting goals of Golf SIG.These opportunities may include:
    1. Attend/assist in golf related activities such as PGA/LPGA/Sr. Tour events
    2. Internships with golf specialists such as PT’s, MD’s, Trainers, PGA professionals, etc.
    3. Manufacturing process – from design to shelf
    4. Scholarship(s)/funding to attend golf related educational offerings &/or research assistance
    5. Educational programming
    6. Adaptive equipment and programs for those possessing special challenges
  4. Conduct an annual golf tournament
    1. Celebrate physical therapy through participation in a golf event
    2. Recognition of an organization’s impact on our community and provide financial assistance in the form of a donation with funds raised.
    3. Help fund the AASPT Legacy Fund and support AASPT members in pursuit of excellence through scholarship opportunities.

Join the Golf and Golf Performance Special Interest Group

Ross Brakeville
Second Term 2016-2019

Jon Rhodes
Second Term 2016-2019

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