Furthering the skill of working with physically challenged athletes.

The Physically Challenged Athlete Special Interest Group (SIG), formally known as the Disabled Athlete SIG, was formed by the members of the Sports Physical Therapy section with an interest in working with athletes with physical challenges. A goal of the SIG is to further the knowledge of Sports Physical Therapy members with an interest in the physically challenged athlete, as well as in adaptive sports. The Physically Challenged Athlete brings together individuals with a common interest in working with physically challenged athlete. Through the business meeting at CSM, the web page, Facebook postings, blast e-mails with important events, and bi-annual newsletters, the SIG strives to facilitate the development of ideas for treatment of and athletic activities for individuals no matter what the disability. The SIG works to provide the membership informed as to what is going on in and activities available in the world of adaptive sports programming happening in the US.

Associates Physically Challenged Athlete Websites:

Paralympic Website
Special Olympics Website
Wheelchair and Ambulatory Sport Website
VA Website

Benefits of Membership

Bi-annual newsletter. The Physically Challenged Athlete SIG newsletter will be posted on the SPTS web page and notification will be sent to SIG members to inform them of recent and upcoming events and other information relevant to the Physically Challenged Athlete SIG.

Interpersonal and industry connections. A goal of The Physically Challenged Athlete SIG is to foster professional connections to promote working with physically challenged athletes and/or adaptive sports programs.

Member-only forum. The SIG maintains a member-only forum for the education, discussion and collaboration of its members in working with physically-challenged athletes.

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