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Running Newsletter December 2018


Scott Greenberg, PT, DPT, CSCS

First Term 2018-2021

Jeff Taylor-Haas
Second Term 2018-2021

Safer, better running for everyone.

Mission Statement
The Running Special Interest Group (Running SIG) exists to further the knowledge of American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy members who have a particular interest in running-related issues. The Running SIG will act as a facilitator for its members by bringing together individuals with a common interest in running issues at regular business meetings and continuing education programming.  The Running SIG will also serve as a facilitator for research on various aspects of running performance, injury prevention and the physical therapy management of running-related injuries.
The Running SIG will provide a forum for discussion, a venue for program development, and a presence in the public arena of the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy. In particular the Running SIG shall:

• Enhance physical therapy diagnosis and management of running-related issues using the best available evidence.

• Provide a forum for discussion of running-related issues among Academy members, as well as other Association sections.

• Develop the pursuit of running-related research methods in order to advance physical therapy practice.
Provide a network for enhancing communication between clinicians, academicians and researchers in physical therapy interested in running-related issues.

• Provide a forum for interaction with other health care professionals regarding running-related issues.
Represent the interests of the membership of the Running SIG within the Academy.

• Provide service to the Academy and the Association as a resource on running-related issues.

Clinic List

Please access our Google Documents List to access information about Running Specialty Clinics across the nation!
Looking for mentorship as a running-specific PT? Connect with a mentor through the Running SIG!
Running SIG Meeting Minutes
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