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SPTS Clinical Residency/Fellowship Grants

The Sports Section has made a priority of advancing clinical specialization through post-professional training consistent with the Description of Specialty Practice and strategic planning. In an effort to offset the cost of application, SPTS has allocated $5,000 for grants to develop Sports PT Residency and Fellowship programs. Up to two grants covering the residency application fee will be awarded to eligible programs that meet the criteria set forth by the Sports Residency SIG leadership. The grant review committee of the Sports Residency Special Interest Group (SIG) will review the applications annually and make recommendations to the SPTS Executive Committee (EC). Consideration will be given to programs demonstrating financial need, hardship or assistance in providing components of the Residency/Fellowship requirements.

The SPTS EC is committed to supporting this process. Their decision will be based on the recommendations of the Sports Residency SIG grant review committee and will notify the committee of their decision. The committee will notify the recipients of the grants once the decision is finalized.

Application Process
1. The program director will submit the application included in this announcement to any time after the accreditation application has been submitted to the ABPTRFE.  Grant applications will be reviewed between January 1 and October 1 of each year.

2. The Residency SIG will contact the ABPTRFE to confirm the Residency application has been received.

3. The program will pay the application fee to ABPTRFE when submitting the application. If a grant is awarded, the SPTS will reimburse the program the cost of the application fee once the program has been accredited.

4. The Residency SIG officers will evaluate each grant application and make recommendations to the Sports Section Executive Committee (EC) by November 1.

5. The SPTS EC will vote on the recommendations by December 1. The residency program director will receive a letter from the SPTS EC stating the grant has been awarded.

6. A check will be issued to the Director of the Sports Physical Therapy Residency once the program becomes accredited.

Please note: If the Sports Section Executive Board does not receive APTA’s letter acknowledging receipt of the residency application within 30 days beyond the announced target date (on the application), the residency program will forfeit the grant to allow the opportunity for other programs to access these funds.

Sports Residency Grant Application