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Sports Performance Enhancement SIG
Dan Lorenz, DPT, PT, LAT, CSCS
Second Term 2017-2020
Andrew Naylor, PT, DPT, SCS
Second Term 2017-2020

Helping athletes excel in life and sport.

Mission Statement

The Sports Performance Enhancement Special Interest Group exists to deepen the knowledge and practical application of members who have an interest in performance enhancement of the recovering athlete.  The Sports Performance Enhancement SIG will act as a facilitator for its members who have a common interest in rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and performance enhancement. The Sports Performance Enhancement SIG will also facilitate collaboration between researchers, clinicians, and the strength and conditioning communities to perform research using commonly applied principles in strength and conditioning of athletes to athletic rehabilitation.


The Sports Performance Enhancement SIG will provide a forum for discussion and be a bridge to both the community at large and the strength and conditioning profession.  Specifically, the Sports Performance Enhancement SIG seeks to:

• Utilize the concept of periodization of strength and conditioning to educate sports physical therapists on implementation of periodization in athletic rehabilitation.
• Synthesize strength and conditioning literature by making principles applicable to rehabilitation.
• Implement alternative methods of training, like heavy chain and complex training, into rehabilitation protocols.
• Enhance performance of the recovering athlete based on results of functional testing measures in order to maximize outcomes.
• Facilitate a forum for discussion on issues relating to sports performance enhancement in rehabilitation for Section members and other Association sections.
• Serve as a bridge between clinicians and researchers to stimulate and/or facilitate research using strength and conditioning principles in athletic rehabilitation.
• Represent the interests of the membership of the Sports Performance Enhancement SIG within the Section.
• Support the Section and the Association by being as a resource for sports performance enhancement in rehabilitation.
• Supply ideas and present platforms relevant to performance enhancement and the recovering athlete for Sports Section programming for the Combined Sections Meeting.
• Develop a relationship with USA Weightlifting and the National Strength and Conditioning Association in order to facilitate exchange of ideas, research, and collaboration in the performance enhancement of the rehabilitating athlete

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