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Welcome to the Youth Athlete Special Interest Group! The SIG was officially formed and recognized in 1999.

The focus of the SIG is tri-fold

Prevention, examination, and intervention of impairments in the child who participates in sports;
Training and fitness guidelines for the child who participates in sports; and
Spreading information  in the physical therapy community and beyond about the treatment of the youth athlete.

As the Youth Athlete SIG continues to grow, we have many great ideas for the future. Most of our activities occur at APTA's annual Combined Sections Meeting (CSM), including our annual planning/business meeting. Your suggestions for programming ideas and speakers are welcome, and can be forwarded to me at any time during the year.

Updates of the Youth Athlete SIG information are shared on this page and through Facebook and Twitter.  We also keep a SIG email list. If you are interested on being part of this list please contact Chris Kovacs.

As youth sports participation continues to grow, so does the import role that the SIG plays in our community.  We hope to continue to grow as a resource for information regarding youth sports injuries, treatment, and prevention.

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