ProDentim Reviews: Can ProDentim Probiotic Transform Your Oral Health?

Written by David G Kiely
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Do painful, receding gums and teeth discoloration have your smile fading? No matter how much you brush and floss, maintaining good oral health can feel impossible. But what if a breakthrough oral probiotic could rebalance your mouth bacteria for a naturally healthy smile?

This ProDentim review explores whether this formula lives up to its claims to boost oral microbiome diversity with good bacteria for better teeth and gum health. ProDentim contains a researched blend of 3.5 billion CFU probiotics optimized for oral care.

Users say taking ProDentim soft chews helps naturally whiten teeth, prevents gum erosion, and leaves you with a fresher, healthier-looking smile. Keep reading this ProDentim review to learn more about how its probiotic strains enhance mouth pH, crowd out bad bacteria, and support complete oral care through simple daily use. Renew your smile’s shine!

Prodentim – An Overview

ProDentim is an oral probiotic supplement claiming to support dental and gum health through a combination of 3.5 billion probiotic strains and nutrients. The maker states ingredients like Lactobacillus paracasei help repopulate the mouth with beneficial bacteria to improve oral health.

ProDentim Reviews: Is It An Effective Doctor-Formulated Probiotic Candy For Oral Health?

We grow up listening to our elders saying it is the bad bacteria in the mouth that is causing tooth decay. Nobody ever had the audacity to correct the statement saying the problem caused is not by the presence of bad bacteria, but due to the absence of good bacteria.

It was only found recently and after the study was published, the ProDentim manufacturers immediately came up with this formula that helps people retain good bacteria in their mouth. However, in the coming sections, we will analyze all these claims and see which of them are actually true. So, let’s get started on this ProDentim review. 

ProDentim Review
Product NameProDentim
Product TypeOral probiotic supplement
Launch DateLess than 5 years ago
DescriptionA probiotic supplement designed for oral health improvement
Key Ingredients– 3.5 billion probiotic strains
– Lactobacillus paracasei
– B.lactis BL-04
– Lactobacilus Reuteri
– Inulin
– Tricalcium Phosphate
– Peppermint
FormChewable gummies
Net Quantity30 soft tablets
Quality Standards– Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility
– Follows GMP guidelines
Benefits– Tooth enamel protection
– Oral hygiene and fresh breath
– Restoration of healthy gums
Pros– Made of natural ingredients
– No stimulants, gluten-free, and non-GMO
– Manufactured in a GMP-certified facility
– FDA approved
Cons– Available only through ProDentim official website
– Not advised for children and pregnant women
Usage InstructionsTake 1 ProDentim gummy every morning, chew without water
Side EffectsTypically no severe ProDentim side effects reported yet
Result TimeResults may vary, generally noticeable within a few weeks
Customer Reviews⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pricing $69
Refund Policy60-day
Bonuses– Bonus#1: “Bad Breath Gone: One Day Detox” e-book
– Bonus#2: “Hollywood White Teeth at Home” e-book
Purchase SourceOfficial website only
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is ProDentim?

ProDentim is a brand-new probiotic specifically designed to improve the health and appearance of your teeth and gums. ProDentim oral health supplement has a unique blend of 3.5 billion probiotic strains that are clinically proven to retain a good microbiome in your mouth.

Along with billions of probiotics, the formulation also contains a few science-backed nutrients that also play a major role in repopulating the good bacteria in your mouth. The ProDentim healthy gum support supplement is further thought to restore healthy gum, which also provides tooth sensitivity relief and tooth enamel protection. According to the ProDentim manufacturers, it is not only unique but is also non-habit-forming yet tasty. 

The ProDentim dental candy comes in the form of chewable gummies. People still wonder how the creators managed to come up with a formulation that only used natural ingredients yet tasted better than any dessert. A ProDentim bottle contains 30 soft tablets that are free of GMOs and stimulants. It is also manufactured in an FDA-registered facility following the GMP guidelines. Therefore, ProDentim dental health formula is safe for regular consumption. 

How Does ProDentim Work?

ProDentim works by increasing the amount of good bacteria in the mouth. For a long time, we have been misled by the big companies that advertise about how we should blame the bad bacteria for causing an imbalance in oral health.

However, a recent study showed that the decay is primarily caused by the lack of good bacteria. Probiotics are usually harmed by the chemicals and toxins in the dental products that we use on a daily basis. In order to restore the good bacteria, you are supposed to create a suitable environment for it first.

The ProDentim dental supplement is designed in such an easy so as to support the health of your teeth and mold a good environment for the strains to develop. Besides the ingredients that support teeth and gum health, the dissolvable ProDentim candies also contain ingredients that support respiratory health and digestion.  

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What Are ProDentim Benefits?

We usually buy a supplement to enjoy certain benefits we expect from it. Similarly, ProDentim gummies are associated with a bunch of health benefits. A few of ProDentim benefits are as follows: 

You get painful teeth when a cavity is formed on the enamel. the sinuses dig from the enamel to the inner lining of the teeth, causing severe pain. However, the proprietary blend of ProDentim dietary formula ensures your enamels are protected, thereby making sure you get no cavities. 

Before blaming the food you eat or the products you use, you should look at how careful you are when it comes to oral hygiene. The ProDentim formula ensures to retention of probiotics in your mouth so that oral hygiene is always maintained. Furthermore, the ProDentim ingredients like peppermint also work to provide fresh breath. 

The ProDentim teeth health supplement contains a range of ingredients that are scientifically proven to offer anti-inflammatory properties. You can rest assured you are gums are healthy

What are ProDentim Ingredients And Their Roles

Inside every soft ProDentim capsule, you will find a unique blend of 3.5 billion probiotics along with 3 special ingredients and 4 plants and minerals to support the health of your teeth and gums. The ProDentim ingredients are as follows:

  • Lactobacillus paracasei: It is a type of probiotic that is found commonly in fermented foods. They are naturally found in your mouth to support the health of your gums. It further helps to keep any cavities away. 
  • B.lactis BL-04: It is an anaerobic, and gram-positive probiotic that supports the balance of mouth bacteria. It helps maintain a healthy immune system and also supports respiratory tracts. 
  • Lactobacilus Reuteri: It is a well-studied good bacterium that is known for protecting the gut barrier. It also helps with inflammation and promotes a healthy mouth environment. 
  • Inulin: It is a type of prebiotic that supports the good bacteria in your mouth. It also improves your gut health and digestion
  • Malic Acid: Malic acid is commonly found in certain fruits and wines. It helps make your teeth appear white and when applied to the skin, it helps to clear away dead skin cells. 
  • Tricalcium Phosphate: It plays a crucial role in enhancing bone growth and energy production. It is also commonly used in oral health drops as the components ensure excellent dental hygiene
  • Peppermint: Peppermint is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient. It freshens your breath and also improves your digestion. 
ProDentim Ingredients

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Pros And Cons Of ProDentim

ProDentim is a powerful and natural oral health supplement. It is a doctor-recommended formula that treats gingivitis and sinuses effectively. However, being effective does not mean it contains no flaws. In this section of the ProDentim review, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the ProDentim supplement: 


  •  ProDentim is made of only natural ingredients 
  • The formula contains no stimulants 
  • It is gluten-free and non-GMO
  • The ProDentim soft capsules are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility in the US
  • The FDA approves it 


  • Can only be accessed through ProDentim official website 
  • It is not advised for children and pregnant women 

ProDentim Dosage & How To Use It

To get the best ProDentim results, take 1 ProDentim tablet every morning. You need not require any water for the consumption, you can simply chew it. The ProDentim manufacturers suggest you take the gum health supplement in the morning itself as the capsule ensures good health throughout the day. 

ProDentim Supplement Facts

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ProDentim Side Effects: Is It Safe To Use?

ProDentim is a natural supplement and therefore, it does not cause any severe side effects. However, you can expect mild issues like headache, nausea, constipation, or diarrhea when consumed excessively. So, make sure to strictly follow the ProDentim dosage instructions while taking the tablets.

ProDentim capsules is also not recommended for children as they do not require such assistance at this early stage. Pregnant and lactating women are also not recommeded to take ProDentim. 

ProDentim Result Longevity

As I mentioned before, ProDentim is a natural supplement that is free of any stimulants or other chemicals. Since there is no chemical sussed to track ProDentim results, you will have to wait for a few weeks to start noticing any difference.

However, sometimes, the ProDentim oral probiotic formula acts fast on some people. So, it is good to say that depending on your own constitution, the time may vary. 

ProDentim Customer Reviews: What Do Customers Think About It?

If you had known how important it is to analyze customer reviews before buying a product, you would look for it even while you were buying something worth $2. Because, while analyzing the customer review, you get more knowledge about the supplement, that you may not receive even when you binge-read its website.

The ProDentim customer reviews are generally positive, however, not everybody has the same opinion. Some are dissatisfied with the slowness of the ProDentim results, which is expected from any natural supplement and hence it does not count as a complaint. I could hardly find any negative response as most users are satisfied with whatever outcomes they received from the ProDentim dental health supplement.

ProDentim Customer Reviews

How And Where To Order ProDentim? And Pricing 

Unlike other supplements available in the marketplace, ProDentim pills cannot be accessed from any e-commerce stores or retail stores. This is because of the increase in the number of counterparts found.

Since ProDentim is a working supplement, people out there copy their packaging and label and launch replicas of it at cheaper prices deceiving a large group of buyers. So, the manufacturers of ProDentim oral and dental health supplements announced that the original supplement is only available on the ProDentim website so that their buyers are never cheated.

Therefore, make sure to buy from ProDentim official website only. If you make a move now, you will be able to get the original ProDentim oral health formula at discount prices coupled with a few offers as the website is currently on sale. The following are the ProDentim price details: 

  • 1 Bottle (1-month supply)- $69+ free shipping 
  • 3 Bottles (3-month supply)- $59 per bottle+ free shipping (save $120) 
  • 6 Bottles (6-month supply)- $49 per bottle+ free shipping (save $300) 

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Along with these, the manufacturer also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee which ensures you get your full money back in case you are dissatisfied with ProDentim teeth and gum formula after trying it it out for 60 days. You should initiate the claim in less than 60 days to get the refund. This ensures your purchase is risk-free. 

Free ProDentim Bonuses

On ordering 3 or 6 ProDentim bottles, you will get 2 exclusive bonuses for free. The following are the details of the ProDentim bonuses: 

Bonus#1- Bad Breath Gone: One Day Detox

It is an e-book that contains information on how you can use the herbs in your kitchen to detoxify your mouth for a fresh breath. 

Bonus#2- Hollywood White Teeth At Home 

It is an e-book that teaches you how to brush your teeth like celebrities. It also contains a 10-second brought teeth method that you can do instantly. 

ProDentim Bonuses

ProDentim Reviews: Final Take

We have reached the final section of the ProDentim review. After analyzing the claims made by the ProDentim manufacturers, I have understood one thing they weren’t wrong when they said the ProDentim oral health supplement is unlike anything that is available in the marketplace.

Because, in my long career, reviewing every other hyped and non-hyped supplement, I haven’t seen a dental health formula that is as unique and powerful as ProDentim oral probiotic candy. It is an effective gum and teeth health supplement that is made of only natural ingredients.

The absence of contaminants makesProDentim safe for consumption and the presence of the hassle-free money-back guarantee makes the purchase free of any risks. So, I recommend you buy ProDentim probiotic nutritional supplement right away as if you buy it today, you will get to enjoy all the financial benefits associated with it. So, good luck!

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ProDentim FAQs

1. Can I take a ProDentim supplement if I am also taking prescription medications? 

Yes. ProDentim ingredients are natural and are proven not to interfere with any medication. So, you can be worry-free. 

2. Is ProDentim formula vegan? 

Absolutely yes.ProDentim is made of only plant ingredients and therefore, it is vegan. So, even if you are a vegan, you can consume it regularly. 

3. Do I require a prescription to buy ProDentim dental supplements? 

No. ProDentim is a supplement and therefore it does not require any prescription like medications. You can simply head to the website and order it whenever you want. 

4. Is ProDentim available internationally? 

Yes. Currently, the ProDentim dietary formula is available for customers from Australia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK apart from the US. 

5. When and how should I take ProDentim?

To get the best ProDentim results, take 1 ProDentim tablet every morning. You need not require any water for the consumption, you can simply chew it. The ProDentim manufacturers suggest you take the gum health supplement in the morning itself as the capsule ensures good health throughout the day.

6. How long does the delivery take? 

Normally, every order of ProDentim gum health support is shipped in less than 24 hours. This, you can expect the delivery within the United States in 5-7 business days. If you are from outside the US, you may have to wait for a month to receive your item. 

7. Is ProDentim a scam or a legit oral health supplement?

ProDentim is a 100% legitimate oral probiotic supplement and not a scam. It is manufactured by a reputable company that produces many other quality health supplements in an FDA-registered facility under GMP guidelines. ProDentim contains science-backed ingredients for gum and tooth health, and thousands of customers have reported excellent results after taking it daily. While individual outcomes can vary, ProDentim provides a high-quality oral probiotic formula based on substantial research.

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