7-Day Liver Cleanse Diet: What To Eat And Avoid?


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Diet can have a strong impact on the health of the liver, an organ that is involved in the storage and distribution of nutrients from digestion as well as the degradation of toxic substances.

Some foods are good and help cleanse it while some are a little more toxic. Others are bad for the liver, like products often too rich in additives.

In this write-up, we’ll explore diets that are effective as a 7-day liver cleanse diet: what to eat and avoid.

Enrich your plate with foods good for the liver

Liver Cleanse Diet

A poorly balanced diet tends to fatigue the liver, which can no longer do its job correctly and ensure the biochemical and metabolic functions essential to the proper functioning of the body.

They help cleanse it of toxins and protect it from liver diseases. To improve or even optimize your well-being, diet remains, without a doubt, the lever of choice.

And this becomes a priority when we focus on the liver, which is put under severe strain given the toxicity of modern diets.

Certain fruits and vegetables are particularly interesting because they help in our 7-day liver cleanse diet. Helping to cleanse it and stimulate it so that it functions better.

How to do a 7-day Liver Cleanse diet?

Some diets and Vegetables are beneficial for liver detox for effective cleansing. Your body is equipped to adequately cleanse this organ from toxins.

However, for a healthy lifestyle and standard preventive measures, you should adopt the below liver cleanse diets as part of our 7-day liver cleanse diet routine.

What is a liver detox diet?

Liver detox diets are meals that can help cleanse the liver of unhealthy elements known as free radicals.

These unhealthy elements are cleansed by the components of these foods and help eliminate this compound that can cause the liver to attack itself or lead to serious organ damage.

Some of these diets are listed below as part of our 7-day liver cleanse diet for effective liver detox processes.

Here is a quick guide to doing a 7-day liver cleanse diet:

  1. Reduce processed foods, alcohol, gluten, and dairy intake in the 3 days leading up to the cleanse. This lowers the intake of toxins that the liver has to process.
  2. For the first 1-2 days, consume only light healthy juices and herbal teas like dandelion to rest the digestive organs. Fresh greens, ginger, apple, carrot, and beet juices provide nutrients while giving your guts a break.
  3. On days 3 to 5 have 4 mini-meals of quick digesting whole foods like squash, quinoa, salmon, avocado, and cruciferous vegetables which support liver detox pathways. Include gut-healing superfoods like garlic, turmeric, leafy greens, and bone broth.
  4. For the last 2 days return to a light cleansing diet of juices, healing teas, broth, and yogurt to soothe, restore, and recharge your system.

Throughout the week, strictly avoid alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, gluten, dairy, processed foods, factory-farmed meats, and artificial chemicals that tax your liver functions. Rest and relax more. This 7-day protocol to empty, nourish, and restore lets the liver decongest so it functions optimally again. Repeat this cleanse quarterly.

Eat for Your Liver

  • High sulfur content veggies like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onions and garlic
  • Leafy greens rich in vitamins A, K and folate
  • Avocados, nuts, and seeds as healthy fats
  • Apples contain glucaric acid to aid in detox
  • Herbs and spices: Turmeric, milk thistle, dandelion root tea

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Foods That Burden Your Liver

  • Factory farmed meat with hormones and antibiotics
  • Fried and processed foods cover the organs in fat
  • Alcohol which produces a toxic metabolite called acetaldehyde
  • Excess sugar, gluten, and dairy cause inflammation
  • Chemical additives, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners

Wrap Up

Conclusively, you can do fasting as a means of liver detox. It is gaining more followers, its effects are much more powerful given that there is no longer any food intake. The body is then placed in the best conditions to purify itself in depth and the liver benefits greatly. The new vitality that you gain from it can persist for several months if you eat healthily. The longer the practice, the more the benefits will be there.

If you want to get started with this approach, start with gentle formulas such as fasting or 24-hour fasting before committing to a 5 to 7-day fasting course. We hope you carefully read through the article. Then, which of these outlined routines will you follow?

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