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SCS Preparatory Course

SCS Preparatory Course

The SPTS Sports Certified Specialist Examination Preparatory Course

Edited by Robert Manske, PT,DPT, MEd, SCS, ATC, CSCS and Timothy Tyler, PT,  MS, ATC

Prepare for the SCS examination  on your own schedule with the SPTS SCS Exam Preparatory Home Study Course!

SPTS is proud to present the definitive home study course for those preparing to sit for the Sports Certified Specialist examination.

Most sports physical therapists working in a clinic setting treat a variety of sports injuries and therefore have a clear understanding of sports related musculoskeletal examination and injury management. However, there are many sports injury and prevention topics addressed in the SCS examination that may be uncommon in daily practice. SPTS has bridged the gap between practice experience and required specialized knowledge in this fourteen-chapter course which covers content not commonly addressed in daily clinical practice.

Edited by Robert Manske, PT,DPT, MEd, SCS, ATC, CSCS and Timothy Tyler, PT,  MS, ATC, this home study course has been developed by the leaders in sports physical therapy to help physical therapists confidently sit for the SCS examination.

Already an SCS? Not planning to take the test? This course is still for you!

The SPTS home study course is perfect for any sports physical therapist wishing to update or improve his or her skills in those areas not experienced daily in a typical physical therapy clinic. Each chapter is completely up-to-date and based on the most respected current research. Each chapter passed represents 5 CEUs.

SPTS now offers the definitive guide to preparing for the Sports Certified Specialist (SCS) examination. Fourteen chapters written by the leaders in sports physical therapy will provide sports physical therapists the knowledge and review needed to confidently sit for the SCS examination.

The course may be purchased as a whole, by chapter, or by groups of chapters, depending on the individual physical therapist's needs.

This is a downloadable course only...nothing will be mailed to you.

The completion of this course does not guarantee that the purchaser will pass the SCS examination.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Pre-participation Evaluation and Screening

Chapter 2: Emergency Response

Chapter 3: Psychological Contributions to Sports Injuries

Chapter 4: Blood-borne Pathogens and Other Hematological Considerations in the Athlete

Chapter 5: Environmental Conditions in Athletics

Chapter 6: Translating Evidence Into Practice

Chapter 7: Nutrition for the Athlete

Chapter 8: Prevention of Common Musculoskeletal Sports Injuries

Chapter 9: Dermatological Considerations in the Athletic Population

Chapter 10: Medical Conditions

Chapter 11: Concussion

Chapter 12: Pharmacology in Sports Physical Therapy

Chapter 13: Principles of Strength and Conditioning

Chapter 14: Protective Equipment in Sports Medicine


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