Thinking of Vaginal Bleaching? Understand The Risks First


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Fashion trends are more explored, and women are looking for effective ways to enhance their beauty and health. Vaginal bleaching is one such cosmetic procedure that is done to light the skin of a woman’s vulva, which is naturally darker in color. This procedure is done either at home if having experience or seeking help from a dermatologist or ob-gyn would be a better choice.

But many questions: is skin whitening in the intimate area safe? Well, bleaching near the intimate area, though, provides you with the same skin color as in other parts of the body, but it may have some side effects. If you want in-depth knowledge of vaginal bleaching and every information related to after the procedure, then this article is right for you. 

What Do You Understand By Vaginl Bleaching?

Vaginal bleaching is a common cosmetic process that is done by many females to brighten the area near the private part. It is either done by cosmetic product or treatment with topical creams, lasers, or chemical peels.

But is it safe? Skin lightening with laser treatment or other processes is a risky process and may have several side effects, including long-term pain and problems during sex. So, it is advised to take proper suggestions from dermatologists before going through this process. 

Safety Tips For Doing Vaginal Bleaching

Safety Tips For Vaginal Bleaching

When planning for vaginal bleaching, it is necessary to understand the safety tips so that it may lower the risk of infection or irritation. Some safety tips while vaginal bleaching are:

  • You must consult healthcare professionals before underlying conditions to get effective results rather than side effects. 
  • If trying DIY remedies, ensure to have proper information because your vagina is the most sensitive part of the body.
  • When going for laser treatment, talk to the doctor and then get ready, as every vagina is different from others. 
  • Check the ointments or special serums properly related to expiry, usage, and how much to apply, as it can prevent you from skin pigmentation. 

Potential Side Effects And Risks Associated With Vaginal Bleaching

Vaginal bleaching can give a painful sensation near the private part, and the extent depends on the type of treatment or methods done to bleach. Here, it can show some of the side effects and risks after vaginal bleaching, which are given below:

1] Vaginal Discomfort

You can suffer from vaginal burns, scarring, and further long-lasting pain after going through vaginal bleaching. Also, you can suffer from increased sensitivity, which can further give you difficulty in other physical activities. 

2] Painful Sensation While Intercourse

You can suffer from persistent pain or pain during sex at any point in time. It is because the skin near the vagina gets thinner, and putting pressure can harness the vaginal part. So, you can suffer from severe pain, and even no creams can aid in relieving this.

3] Skin Irritation And Inflammation

After vaginal bleaching, you may undergo thinning skin and irritation. There can be skin rashes, skin ulcers, and other skin inflammation near the intimate area. Also, it can give you uneven skin pigmentation that can’t be relieved with other substitutes. 

4] Suffer From Allergies

Due to vaginal bleaching, there can be allergic reactions as the products which are used in bleaching might not suit every woman. It can further irritate and lead to skin inflammation and problems like rashes, redness, darker spots, painful bumps, etc. 

5] Lead To Permanent Skin Damage

Another side effect that can occur due to vaginal bleaching is that it leads to permanent skin damage that can’t be undergone with many skin products or treatments. It can even make your skin look dull, and you may not be excited about doing any physical activities with your partner. 

6] Disrupt The Natural Balance Of Vagina

The natural pH levels in the vagina are essential to have a healthy life and stay away from bacteria and viruses. But after vaginal bleaching, it can disrupt the natural balance of the vagina with the process that undergoes to do bleaching. Further, it can increase the risk of infections, and you might go through various vaginal problems.

Precautions Related To Vaginal Bleaching

Everyone understands that there can be side effects after vaginal bleaching, but if one is still interested in doing so, taking the precaution is necessary. Some precautions and tips that you should follow before vaginal bleaching are:

  • You must have proper research on the integrants that are going to be used in vaginal bleaching. It can help you to know your skin types and prevent you from further skin problems.
  • Have proper contact with a healthcare provider if seeking any skin irritation when performing skin bleaching at home.
  • If going through pregnancy, contacting a healthcare provider before bleaching can be a safer point to disrupt reproductive health and its effects on the baby.

Alternatives To Vaginal Bleaching: Tips To Brighten Valva

There are various ways as alternatives to bleaching that will give you brighter valva. Some of the tips for naturally brightening skin or valva are:

  • Using gentle exfoliation with a scrubber or cream that removes the dead cells from the surface and gives brighter skin. 
  • Moisturizing the area with apple cider vinegar and some essential oil can ease it and give it brighter skin. 
  • Apart from cream and lotion, using natural skin-lightening ingredients such as lemon juice or aloe vera might be safer options. 
  • Besides, Luke water with turmeric is another safe way to get brighter valva.

Bottom Line

Vaginal bleaching is the underlying solution to lighten the skin and make the vulva similar to the vulva. Also, apart from cosmetic reasons, there is a culture that prevails that the color of the vulva can change the number of health situations in females. It is believed that age, pregnancy, and hormonal balance are affected by the pigmentation of labia. 

So, most of the women take this risk and undergo vaginal bleaching. Besides, the above risks, side effects, and precautions can help you to perform easier and harmless bleaching near the private part. However, if any situation persists, contacting the healthcare provider can be a better solution rather than suffering from further complications.


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