VitaGenix Reviews: (Scam Alert) Safe For Real Results Or Risky Side Effects?


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The makers of VitaGenix claim that it is a novel dietary supplement that helps resolve prostate health problems. Whereas the customers who used this product do not agree with it. This put the public in a dilemma and we decided to investigate the matter. Is it a legitimate product or is it just another scam? We feel it is important to answer the question in this VitaGenix review. 

VitaGenix Reviews: Not Worth It? Exposes Scam Complaint!

In the initial probe, we found that there is not enough evidence provided on how the product improves prostate health. It has been offered in a refined bottle that seems to be well-insulated. However, the label has no accurate information about the ingredients used in the formulation. VitaGenix prostate support formula has an official website that lacks credibility as it has contradictory statements. It does not seem to address the growing public concerns.

VitaGenix Review

In this VitaGenix review, we will go through the major aspects of the product and try to provide a logical understanding. For this purpose, we will check its working pattern, benefits, pros and cons, pricing and availability, etc. You will also find answers to some of your frequently asked questions in the concluding section. In the end, we will provide our views on the product based on facts and figures.

So without further delay, let us dive in.

What Is VitaGenix?

VitaGenix has been promoted as a dietary supplement that addresses prostate health issues and offers reliable solutions. However, the manufacturers have not provided any evidence to support their claims. The ingredients used to prepare the product are unknown. The makers have also not disclosed the whereabouts of the production centers.

The customers who used this product report that it has not helped them in any manner. They complain that it has caused side effects. Perhaps due to this, VitaGenix has gone behind in customer approval ratings. The product comes in as capsules making it easy to consume. Adults of varied age groups can use it without a problem. 

Ingredients Used To Formulate VitaGenix Supplement

The manufacturers of VitaGenix prostate support formula have informed us that their product is made using pure natural ingredients. However, no accurate information has been provided so far by the makers on the ingredients list used to compile this product. The website of the VitaGenix supplement lacks credibility in many aspects and it often contradicts the claims made by the makers.

We have not found the mention of the actual ingredients anywhere on the website though from the very beginning it gives the notion that it is derived from pure natural compounds. Many paid VitaGenix reviews keep on surfacing in the digital spaces echoing the same assurances with a manufactured ingredients list. We will put them to the test in this section.

  • Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Lemon extracts
  • Herbal ingredients
  • Sugar
  • Fruit Juice
  • Natural flavor

The fallacies in the list are wide open for everybody to see. Apart from pumpkin seed oil and lemon extracts, no clear specifications have been made about the actual contents. Independent observers smell fishy which means that the makers do not have the confidence to provide us with unambiguous information.

Health experts see a red line in such behaviors and suspect the use of chemicals in compiling the VitaGenix formula. Seemingly, most of the VitaGenix ingredients used in the product’s compilation seem to have sugar content in more than the accepted proportions.

Another concern is regarding the practice of adding genetically modified substances under the garb of herbal ingredients. VitaGenix poses a great challenge to overall health and can pave the way for severe health problems in the long run.

How Effectively Do VitaGenix Supplements Work?

Unfortunately, the VitaGenix has failed to provide relief to the majority of customers who have tried it. Making matters worse, it has induced side effects of varied proportions on users. It required urgent medical intervention in some cases. The makers of VitaGenix prostate support supplement seem to ignore the pain and agony in a sense the hapless victims of their product. They continue to promote it making irrational claims. Many VitaGenix users seem very upset as the company does not offer any compensation for their financial loss.

The VitaGenix comes with a money-back guarantee however users report that the customer support team finds excuses to deny them due compensation. The health experts we have spoken to suspect the use of chemicals inside the product’s formulation. They cite this as the reason behind the side effects. Under the circumstances, we cannot recommend it to the readers.

VitaGenix Benefits Claimed

The manufacturers of VitaGenix assure the public that their product comes with a whole array of health benefits. However, it should be noted that they have not provided any reliable proof to substantiate their claims. One of the primary health assurances made is that it can address prostate problems and offer sustainable health benefits.

Well, the scores of users who had the chance of using it do not acknowledge this and report that it does not offer the said benefits. Another assurance made is about improving the cognitive function of the body and strengthening immunity. The sad reality hurts the users that they have to undertake medication to find relief from the negative effects posed by the product. However, the sources close to the makers brush these as mere allegations and continue with their hollow assurances regarding the product. 

VitaGenix Side Effects

The users of VitaGenix prostate support supplement have informed us that they have undergone many side effects using the product. Most of them reported to have developed headaches and nausea after having used it for a couple of days. In certain cases, it induces terrible abdominal pain, and the users have to take medical aid to relieve it.

Some users have also reported that they could not concentrate on things and faced cognitive issues as negative effects. It seems many customers have purchased this product without conducting a background check. For those who are unaware, Prostadine is a reliable supplement that can address prostate issues and offer satisfactory results and unlike the product in review, it does not induce side effects.

Pros And Cons Of VitaGenix

VitaGenix comes without any major pros and has many cons that need to be mentioned. Due to the space and time constraints, we will mention only the major ones. Please refer to the content below for a better idea.


  • Comes at cheaper rates
  • Available in easy-to-use dietary from


  • No proof was submitted to back the claims
  • No accurate information on the ingredients
  • Not made in FDA and GMP-approved production sites
  • No fast delivery options have been offered
  • Poor customer satisfaction ratings
  • Users are susceptible to side effects

How Long Does It Take For VitaGenix To Show The Result?

VitaGenix does not seem to benefit the users in any manner and has been accused of causing severe side effects. They criticize the manufacturers for making false promises and wooing them into buying the product. However, they seem non-responsive and carry forward with their hollow promises.

Interestingly, some users say they have minor improvements using the product but are not very confident about its sustainability. In general, we can only say that VitaGenix prostate support pill does not offer the benefits it has promised to the customers and is under the scanner for inflicting side effects.

Is The VitaGenix Scam Legit?

VitaGenix is claimed to be a health supplement that offers prostate health and another host of benefits. However, the makers of the product have not provided any substantial evidence to support their assurances. It comes along with an official website that has no accurate information about the VitaGenix ingredients used to prepare the product.

The product has not been developed in FDA and GMP-approved production facilities in the US. Many users who have used the product report that they did not receive any benefits that the makers have promised and on top of that they have to undergo numerous side effects. It has the worst customer satisfaction rates when compared to any other products in recent history. 

How And Where To Order VitaGenix?

The makers of VitaGenix come with a website that frequently goes offline and there has been no alternative mechanism that has been put in its place. This makes it difficult to depend on the website. Moreover, scores of customers complain that they have to wait a long time to receive the package. In some cases, the package has not been delivered and no refund has been issued by the makers.

Many of these issues can be avoided by preferring a much better alternative that comes with a good reputation. Prostadine has been around for many years and has helped many users to get relief from tormenting prostate problems. It has a fully secured payment mechanism that can be relied upon and the package seems to be delivered on time even for overseas delivery points.

VitaGenix Customer Reviews And Complaints

The many users of VitaGenix prostate support supplement have found it extremely difficult to cope up with its rather unpredictable behavior. Many users have reported that it has not worked to offer any benefits. In some cases, the users complain that it has caused great suffering by inflicting severe side effects.

A veteran from New Hampshire ordered the product and used it for almost two weeks and suffered a severe setback healthwise and had to be admitted to a nearby health facility to provide treatment. In another case, a retired school teacher used it for a brief period only to have severe abdominal pain and took medical aid to recover from the problems it posed. It is indeed sad to see that for many users the product rendered almost no benefits and in other’s case it inflicted side effects. For those who are unaware, Prostadine prostate support formula can be tried once as it offers reliable results without inducing any negative effects.

How Does VitaGenix Perform In Comparison With Other Supplements? 

In this section, we will compare the VitaGenix supplement with another supplement by the name Prostadine prostate support supplement. For this, we have taken the major aspects of both these supplements. Please refer to the content below for a better understanding.

VitaGenix Comparision With Other Supplement
Dietary formatLiquid solutionCapsules
Pricing$69Not available
Money-back guarantee60 daysNo
Customer satisfaction rate4.52.0
AvailabilityThe official purchase link is availableThe official purchase link is available

Final Verdict On VitaGenix Reviews

VitaGenix has been claimed to improve prostate health and offer overall health benefits. However, no concrete evidence has been put forth to substantiate the high claims. Also, no VitaGenix ingredient list has been provided so that users can know the product much better. There have been widespread complaints about the product made by users that it has induced harsh side effects. However, the VitaGenix makers have evaded any accountability and have not offered any money-back guarantee making it impossible to attain a refund. 

In our investigation, we have come across a better alternative by the name of Prostadine that offers reliable results. It is made using pure natural ingredients and does not contain any chemicals. The supplement has been priced economically and a full money-back guarantee has been offered.

Another plus point of this supplement is that there have been no side effects that have been ever reported in all these years. We believe that Prostadine prostate health supplement is a much better choice compared to the product in review.


1. Why should I buy VitaGenix overlooking other supplements?

We do not find any reason for you to buy VitaGenix as many users have reported that it did not provide any amicable results and caused side effects.

2. Where are the ingredients used in VitaGenix procured?

The makers of VitaGenix prostate support formula have not publicized the product’s contents or the places from where they have been procured.

3. Can I use VitaGenix if I have underlying medical conditions?

It is not advised to use VitaGenix if you suffer from underlying medical conditions as there are all possibilities of your condition getting worse due to chemical reactions.

4. How long should I wait to receive VitaGenix after placing an order?

The customers who ordered VitaGenix prostate support formula previously complained that it took too long for them to receive the product and in some cases, the delivery could not be completed.

5. What if VitaGenix does not produce satisfactory results?

VitaGenix does come with a money-back guarantee offer however users report that it was difficult to convince the makers and get a refund.

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