What Is Ashiatsu Massage? Discover The Benefits


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Ever had muscle pain, soreness, and distressful cramps in any part of your body? Well, absolutely, you have; everyone goes through it every now and then. There are various tricks and tips our elders tell us to get relief from them; we usually sleep it off or bear it for a couple of days and get stressed.

Now, if you have chronic pain in your body or discomfort in your muscles frequently, getting an Ashiatsu Massage session might be a good idea.

Here, in this article, get all the details of getting an Ashiatsu massage and its benefits on your body, so keep reading thoroughly:

What Are The Processes Of Getting An Ashiatsu Massage Session?

When you are getting a massage session you don’t even know anything about, it can get a bit stressful. Ashiatsu Massage is one of the most rugged and effective massage therapies to treat your muscle pain. When you are getting a massage session from a professional therapist, they will use their legs to massage your body. 

Benefits Of Ashiatsu Massage

These professionals know the exact pressure points in your body and massage it precisely with their feet. Ashiatsu massage sessions can get a bit painful if you are not accustomed to the harsh treatments, so make sure you are bracing yourself properly.

Anyway, here are all the processes you might have to go through to get your Ashiatsu massage session done:

1. Pre-Consultation Stage

When you have appointed yourself with a professional therapist on the day of your therapy, the first thing you do is get a pre-consultation. This stage is done to ensure the needs and therapies your body needs for recovery.

During your pre-consultation stage, you’d be drinking at least 12 glasses of water, and then the therapist might check your body movements and let you prepare for your massage.

2. Preparation Stage

When you are preparing for the massage session, you should be drinking more than 12 glasses of water. This is a necessary process for you to hydrate yourself properly and get ready to release toxins from your body.

When you have drank all the water, you might have to wear the provided clothes or get naked for the massage session.

This will depend on your prescribed type of massage therapy, and you might not have to take your clothes off at all.

3. Therapy Session

The Ashiatsu massage is done completely barefoot and is done by an experienced professional. The therapist will target all your affected muscles and joints to give you complete relief from joint, muscular, and tissue pain in your body.

During the therapy session, you might have to suffer from pain, as the therapist will be using force on your body parts with their feet.

Benefits Of Ashiatsu Massage

There are several benefits of Ashatsu massage; however, there is one sole reason why people get this type of massage, which is pain relief. This massage targets your central nervous system while relieving your muscle tissues and joints at the same time. When you are fatigued and have intense pain in your body, getting this massage can be a lifesaver for you. 

Ashiatsu massage solely targets your muscles through your skin, which is done by using barefoot. This might seem a bit peculiar, but it is quite beneficial for your central nervous system and relieves your muscle pain effectively.

Not only that, this massage can also boost your skin health as it makes your body regulate blood throughout your body at a faster rate.

Bodybuilders all over the world get this massage therapy to reduce their muscle soreness and pain in their joints. Ashiatsu massage can also be beneficial in reducing muscle imbalance in your body if you are a bodybuilder.

This massage therapy reduces the gaps between your muscle tissues, improving your exercise quality and reducing your muscle imbalance at the same time.

Possible Side Effects Of Getting Ashiatsu Massage

When it comes to the side effects of getting an Ashiatsu massage, there are no serious ones. When you get this message, it relieves your muscles, joints, and tissues at a deeper level, which can lead to sleepiness and fatigue afterward. 

Your therapist massages your body using their feet, this session penetrates the uppermost layer of your skin, which can lead to fatigue and body aches after some time.

So, make sure you are relaxing your body completely for at least a couple of days after your massage session. If you are not focused on your rest, it might cause you some cramps and can even cause your muscles to shut down randomly.

Will You Be Naked During Ashiatsu Massage?

Well, that’s a question you can ask your therapist, but in general, taking off your clothes might depend on the type of therapy you are getting. And that is decided during your pre-consultation stage of Ashiatsu massage therapy.

Usually, massage therapy includes pouring oils onto your skin for better mobility of the therapist’s feet, so you’d have to take your clothes off in that case. 

However, if you are getting a massage on your limbs, neck, or back, you might only have to partially take your clothes off. During the session, you’d be lying with your face down on the massage table, which is designed for comfort, so there is no need to worry about anything.

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Summing Up

Ashiatsu massage is one of the most popular massage therapies among bodybuilders around the globe. Usually, they get this therapy a few days prior to their competition, which provides a better tone to their muscles and showcases them even better.

So, if you are having distress due to your muscle pain and stress, make sure you are consulting an experienced and trusted Ashiatsu specialist and get your therapy.

As this therapy targets your central nervous system, it can also treat your chronic constipation and can even improve your skin texture in the long term. Getting this therapy is always in your hands.

If you want to get better movement, improved skin glow, and relief from anxiety and stress, getting this massage will be worthwhile.


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