Why I Stopped Taking NMN? My Story To Bother!


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You might have heard about the controversy surrounding the NMN supplement, right?  Over the years, there have been claims that NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) which is the building block of DNA and RNA can be taken in the form of supplements to reverse aging, improve heart function, treat metabolic disorders, support immune function, and so on. Well, I am one among the many who started using NMN after hearing about its hype and claims.

But, recently, I have stopped taking this supplement. In this article, I will tell you why I stopped taking NMN and share my experience. Then, you can figure out the truth about NMN, the controversy surrounding it, and make an informed decision.

What Is NMN?

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that provides energy to do work. It is made of nucleotides, which play an essential role in DNA building blocks. According to some research, NMN is also beneficial for aging factors and makes people appear younger.

Benefits Of NMN

In terms of structure, NMN is a precursor for nicotinamide dinucleotide (NAD) present in the cell. These NADs contribute to the proper functioning of the metabolism and energy production. So, we can say that NMN is a raw material, and NAD is a final product that the body uses for various functions.

The researcher also suggests that NAD produced in the body depends on the amount of NMN available in the human body. Therefore, many people prefer the NMN supplement to increase the production of NAD to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The FDA Ban On NMN

In the year 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent a legal warning to Elysium Health. The company behind marketing the NMN. The organization stated in its letter that the company was unable to present scientific evidence about the ability of NMN supplements to prevent the diseases that it claims. Still, plenty of manufacturers sell it, convincing people that it can boost anti-aging properties.

Seeing this, the FDA banned NMN as a dietary supplement in December 2022 in the United States. The thing that you need to consider is that the FDA has not claimed the efficiency and effectiveness of the supplement so far. According to the FDA’s report, it is simply a precautionary step to investigate the potential risks and benefits of NMN.

Benefits Of NMN

Before knowing the facts as to why I stopped taking NMN, it is essential to understand its benefits first. You must be aware that NMN is responsible for producing NAD, which is important for the proper functioning of various body parts.

So, let’s have a look at some of the potential health benefits that NAD produces by NMN offers to the human body.

  • NMN is mainly known to improve athletic performance and general wellness.
  • The supplement containing NMN can lengthen telomeres, which is responsible for slowing down the aging process.
  • NAD produced by NMN is also known to improve the metabolic rate.
  • NMN also enhances insulin sensitivity while improving blood sugar levels.
  • The supplement also helps you avoid stress and inflammation.

You can find various health benefits of NMN supplements. You must also be aware of its side effects as well.

Side Effects Of NMN

Many studies have been conducted so far and still going it is on to identify the side effects of NMN supplements on the human body. However, based on very little research and limited study data. It has been seen that consuming the standard intake of NMN supplement, which is 500 to 1200 mg a day followed by prescription, can be safe. 

Another study held in 2021 reveals that while 250mg of NMN supplement is consumed every day for 12 consecutive weeks, minor side effects have been seen. In some people, it reflects as gastric, diarrhea, mild pain in the stomach, and similarly more. The reason is, that some ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals, may cause side effects to some people.

However, there aren’t any major side effects of NMN intake have been observed so far. Thus, it can be considered to be safe if consumed followed by proper directions of usage. 

Can Supplements Cause Cancer?

Given the FDA’s recent decision to revoke NMN’s New Dietary Ingredient status over cancer concerns, it’s natural to wonder – can supplements like NMN actually increase cancer risk?

Some research indicates NMN may provide added fuel for tumor growth and activity in certain cancer types by increasing cellular NAD+ concentrations. One 2021 mouse study found that while NMN did not increase tumor size, it did lead to concerning cancer marker changes.

However, other research suggests NMN may help inhibit tumor development by powering up immune cells to better target cancer. The effects seem to depend on the specific pathways activated in an individual’s cancer cells and overall molecular environment.

Given the mixed evidence, experts advise those with active cancer or at high risk to exercise caution with NMN supplementation until more definitive human trials are completed. While NMN shows promise for anti-aging, its interactions with oncological mechanisms require further investigation first. Consult your doctor before taking NMN if you have any cancer risks or concerns.

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Why I Stopped Taking NMN?

Now, let me reveal why I stopped taking NMN. So, there were several reasons behind this, and the prime concern was the lack of scientific evidence. I still don’t know how this supplement is going to help me maintain my overall well-being.

Also, when I researched deeper, I found that the natural ingredients are already offered by Mother Nature to us. It includes some green vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, etc. Also, edible items such as avocado, tomato, and many other things are available that contribute to naturally producing NMN in the human body.

So, until the concrete report isn’t coming from the FDA, I decided to switch to natural resources. And it’s working for me as well. But once I get convinced with enough study data, I will probably start taking NMN supplements again.

Reasons Why I Stopped Taking NMN In Short

  • Side effects
  • Lack of efficacy
  • Cost
  • Safety Concerns
  • Change in priorities

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If you stop taking NMN, what happens?

Here are a few things that can happen if you stop taking NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) supplements:

  • The anti-aging effects may diminish over time. NMN is thought to increase NAD+ levels which decline with age. NAD+ plays a role in many cellular processes and energy metabolism. Without NMN supplementation, NAD+ levels may start to decrease again.
  • Some of the benefits like improved energy, exercise endurance, and metabolism may lessen. These benefits are linked to NAD+’s role in energy production.
  • Cellular repair and regeneration processes may slow down. NAD+ is involved in DNA repair and sirtuin activity which helps regenerate cells.
  • Neuroprotective effects may decrease. NMN has been shown to protect neurons and improve cognitive function in animal studies. These benefits could revert without steady NMN supplementation.
  • Cardiovascular benefits like improved blood flow and arterial health may also diminish over time.
  • It’s possible any anti-aging or health improvements experienced while taking NMN may start to fade without the continued boost in NAD+ levels.

However, stopping NMN supplementation won’t have an immediately drastic effect. It’s more that the benefits may slowly decrease over time without the extra NAD+ support from NMN. Any lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, and managing stress can help prolong the benefits too. Talk to your doctor if considering stopping NMN, especially if taking it for a specific health condition.


The usage of NMN is still controversial as a dietary supplement due to a lack of evidence that the company fails to represent its potential benefits. In this regard, the FDA has also banned the supplement in the USA. The investigation is still going on to find its potential benefits and side effects. Meanwhile, the organization still didn’t claim any drawbacks to its efficiency and effectiveness. However, if you are planning to intake NMN supplements, it is recommended to consult a dietitian or a doctor before adding them to your daily diet.

While NMN may offer potential benefits that many find useful. For those interested in trying NMN, be sure to research trusted brands and quality products, like the ones covered in our guide to the Best NMN supplements.


Q: What happen when you stop taking NMN?

Stopping intake of NMN will not cause any harm as NMN just speeds up the natural NAD production in the body. The body can produce NAD on its own.

Q: What are the downsides of NMN?

Research so far has not found any major side effects of NMN. It is considered safe as a supplement but more research is needed since it is relatively new.

Q: Why are they banning NMN?

The FDA banned NMN because the manufacturers were unable to prove their claims about the benefits of NMN. The FDA wants more research on its potential benefits and risks.

Q: What is the truth about NMN?

The truth is that more research is still needed on NMN to fully understand its effects and efficacy as a supplement. There is limited data available right now.

Q: Why is NMN banned in Europe?

The document does not mention NMN being banned in Europe. The FDA ban is specific to the USA.

Q. Is NMN toxic to the liver?

The document does not suggest any liver toxicity of NMN. No major side effects have been found so far in research.


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