6 Sound Strategies To Improve Your Ear Health Effectively: Clean Ear, Clear Sound


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Do you experience bouts of pain in your ear from time to time? Or do you have a hard time listening sometimes? These may be clear signs of your poor ear health. Maintaining your ear health is the easiest when it comes to taking care of your body. Maintaining hygiene in your ear will not only keep the infections at bay but also improve your hearing. 

In this blog, we are going to explore the strategies that will improve your ear health and keep your hearing intact for a long time.

How Can I Sharpen My Hearing? Habits For Ear-Resistible Health

Your hearing depends on all the parts of your ear, a.k.a outer, middle, and inner ear. Normally it is impossible to physically take care of your middle and inner ear. But it is possible to avoid habits that can affect the middle and inner ear. To prevent loss of hearing, infection, or any other complication to the ear, you should take a look at these healthy habits.

Improve Ear Health

Cleaning Your Ear

Cleaning your ears with Q-tips is the first misconception that you need to get rid of. Ear wax in your ear is supposed to come out itself. You do not need to put in Q-tips to clean the ear. The more you use a Q-tip, the more wax you are building up in your ear. Instead, you should be cleaning your ears whenever you are having a hair wash.

Use the end of the towel to dry up your ears and then wipe it off for any wax that has been pushed out. When you do this, you are not only avoiding ear wax build-up but also saving your eardrums from being ruptured.

Avoid Using Earphones

Having your ears plugged all the time with music on high volume is the worst way to treat your ears. You are damaging your eardrums and probably building yourself to lose your hearing sense. Use speakers if you want to listen to music or watch a movie.

Or if you need to have a private conversation, then consider using headphones. They are less intrusive and ensure that the volume is at a reasonable level.

Avoid Using Earphones

Practice Mindfulness

Meditation, yoga, or regular exercise help you to clear your mind and be more aware of your surroundings. This can be beneficial to your hearing as all your senses are heightened and help you cope with any discomfort.

Locate sounds in a park through meditation, or listen intently to the people around you. This can also have positive effects on reversing your hearing loss.

Take A Break From Listening!

We have all heard about taking a break from work to come back rejuvenated and a zeal to be more productive. This concept also works for your body and especially your ears. When you eliminate the external sounds from hearing, you are increasing your listening ability. This gives the time for your hair cells in the inner ear to recover and recharge. 

Avoid Going To Places With Loud Noises

Sure hitting the clubs will get your mind off the work and stress, but it can potentially damage your hearing. That is why there are noise-canceling headphones in the mines and workplaces with loud noises. Your hearing needs to be protected from extremely loud noises to avoid tinnitus, loss of hearing, and other complications.

Get Your Ears Checked 

When you get a regular check-up, you eliminate any potential risks that can cause infection to your ears. Having your ears checked by a professional will give you a sense of surety and also help you maintain ear health.

The doctor’s recommended exercises can also help revive partial hearing or stop the damage that has already been done. Ideally, you should get your ears checked every six months.

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Regular Ear Check-up

Final Thoughts

Building up of wax in your ear is a common issue that people have. But cleaning your ears with hydrogen peroxide all the time will burn out your eardrums and lead to hearing loss. It is always recommended to get your ears cleaned up of wax by a professional healthcare provider.

This also includes following the instructions given by the doctors to maintain ear health and seek medical help if anything is stuck in your ear. So stay alert and improve your ear health!


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